#ModelCrushMonday: Gemma Sanderson

Have you heard of Gemma Sanderson? If you haven’t HEARD of her, I’m willing to bet an extremely weak British Pound that you’ve SEEN her.

Gemma has basically done EVERY e commerce job going, including a years-long stint at ASOS, where she was such a favourite that there were fan pages dedicated to her. Having started out on Australia’s Next Top model, Gemma hasn’t looked back since, working consistently and constantly to the envy of every other working model worldwide!


You don’t get that successful from rocking up everyday hungover from the night before and Gemma has maintained an enviable work ethic and dedication to each shoot. She works out to maintain that INSANE body that is always popping up in my Instagram feed the moment I’ve just eaten seconds. She has basically looked 21 forever and her face strikes the balance of girl-next-door enough for a commercial e-commerce, sexy enough for lingerie….


…And, with those wide apart eyes and heart-shaped eyes, alien enough to still be booking couture shows.


Best of all I like Gemma because when we bump into each other on jobs, fitness classes or castings, we simply have to run for a cup of tea and speak without pause or drawing breath for hours at a time! Do check out her new blog, inmykickers.com, where you can see lots of pictures of Gemma in the latest lingerie as well as learn about her best buddies (like Tessa Maye).


So basically…Hardworking, beautiful, a great friend and she sometimes scoffs Nutella on banana bread to boot…Gemma Sanderson, today’s #ModelCrushMonday!

Rebecca x

All images from Gemma’s Instagram

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