#ModelCrushMonday: Eva Doll

It’s a very special #ModelCrushMonday today: Eva Dolezalova. We first met at a catwalk show, where I was instantly struck by Eva the second she walked into the room. Where other models sort of slumped into the dressing area, sat down with their bags and started bitching about the rubbish food on offer or how they’d have to hang around for hours. Eva, on the other hand, bounded in in her punky clothes and radiated a slightly wild, but warm, energy. I knew we had to be mates!

We bonded over the 3 days and really got on – with the sort of plans to meet up again that never come into fruition but were nevertheless genuine at the time. Since that show about 4 years ago I’ve seen Eva’s star in constant ascendancy. She moved to Paris, galavanted in LA and finessed her uninhibited ability to act for the camera into her own artform. It’s been embraced by mega photographers such as Ellen Von Unwerth and Michel Comte and I love seeing Eva popping up in Italian Vogue and in huge campaigns like Agent Provocateur.


There is literally no model quite like Eva – both in terms of looks and personality – and her punky-beauty-glamourous-slapstick-sensual-bounding-goofy-sexbombness is going to make her a star.


I think that every model could learn from Eva’s extrovert modelling style and fearless way she treats every shoot. And that’s why she’s today’s #ModelCrushMonday.

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