#ModelCrushMonday: Emily Vickers-Willis

Emily Vickers-Willis is my #ModelCrushMonday because I’m seeing her tomorrow and I’m hoping she buys me a sandwich.


She’s my #ModelCrushMonday because not only is she one of the hardest working models I know, but she’s also one of my absolute favourite people to stalk on Instagram. You know when you go to type in a name to search and names you usually search come up? Yep, she even pops up above my boyfriend’s exes.

Joking about the last bit!



Emily has had a pretty stupendous year, working for some great clients like Topshop, New Look and Very, probably because A) bone structure and b) she’s mega professional. No lateness or diva fits here!


Did I mention her body yet? Whenever I see Emily, she’s either eating an enormous cake/fry up/stack of pancakes or drinking a cocktail or three. And all she needs to do is a couple of days of Pilates, a bit of a jog around the park, and she keeps looking like this…

imageGenetics baby!

Which would be why she shot for Rankin, in the nuddy!

imageFar right…

Emily’s a kind and loyal friend who is always there if you need a chat, with intelligent advice and a generous spirit. And I also love her Mum!

Rebecca x

emily is at Bookings Models

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