#ModelCrushMonday: Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is today’s #ModelCrushMonday because there’s something to be said for being so enormously proud and owning of your own sexuality.

She’s so beautiful it’s insane but it’s more than that – Emily doesn’t subscribe to the notion that you have to be modest and in denial about being gorgeous. I’ve always resented that this is something that so many people expect from women. There is a commonly held idea that we should play ourselves down, to balance out being attractive with being sweet and unthreatening. Well Emily rejects that and good on her: I love seeing a woman enjoying being a woman and having no inhibition in expressing her strong opinions.

Even though I don’t always subscribe to every element of Emily’s branch of feminism, I think she’s a great voice in the debate over sexual politics, celebrity and image control and she’s strong and confident in her opinions, too.

Rebecca x

All images from Emily’s popping Instagram account

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