#ModelCrushMonday: Edwina Preston

This week’s #ModelCrushMonday is sensual, fresh, natural, relatable and aspirational. She’s Edwina Preston at Select and she’s quite blatently going to be very successful.


She’s got a bit of a Ruth Crilly nose, a bit of an Eva Dol pout and a Molly Ringwold hairdo, but that’s where any comparisons stop. Edwina’s unique , with her flame hair and ivory skin, but balanced out with a classically beautiful bone structure.


I really can see her doing beauty for Chanel thanks to her luminescent skin and faultless bone structure, and walking for YSL with that 70s hardo. I have no doubt that she’ll also be raking in the worldwide campaigns for more commercial labels like Topshop.


She seems fun and fresh and original, with the sort of self-assurance and composure that I certainly never possessed as a New Face!

Good luck Edwina – you really don’t need it!

Rebecca x

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Edwina is at Select Models.

All images from her Instagram

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