#ModelCrushMonday: Duckie Thot

I saw this week’s #ModelCrushMonday on my ex-booker, Billy’s Instagram Story. Well I say I saw this model: I firstly saw her legs. In my line of work you get used to the sight of long legs, but this is another level of insane pins!

The owner of said limbs is Duckie Thot, a former contestant on Australia’s Next Top Model with an enormous social media following, beautiful skin, an inSAAAANE body and great energy. She balances undeniable sex appeal with humour and intelligence and the fashion world is certainly sitting up and taking notice.

When you’re that long-limbed, posing is a dream cos even the slightest movement makes a crazy, graphic shape. But best of all I like her luminescence, which seems to light her from within.

Rebecca x

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