#ModelCrushMonday: Delphi McNicol

Delphi McNicol has been at my agency, Bookings, for a while now and I have been watching her career develop with interest.

Pic by Cezar B

I knew right away that she had huge potential. She’s got a super cute face but it’s mixed with an alien-like quality (meant as a high compliment) – she’s tall and gangly with enormous, wide apart eyes and a self-possession that contrasts with her very youthful baby face. As cute as her features are, she’s also got that ‘London cool’ vibe and knows what makes a good outfit/picture.

Unsurprisingly, Delphi is currently bossing it in Tokyo, where her doll-like proportions and features and blonde hair seem to be scoring her loads of work. When she’s back here with a portfolio full of cool editorials from Tokyo, I have no doubt that her career will head the next step up.

Delphi is definitely one to watch!

Rebecca x

All pics from Delphi’s Instagram

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