David Yang is my #MODELCRUSHMONDAY because he has a totally refreshing look, and I think he’s gonna be MEGA.

I saw his picture during the #whomadeyourclothes trend started by Fashion Revolution, and was impressed by his impassioned speech calling out sweat shops.


By going a bit Sherlock (heading to the beginning of his not-very-long Instagram feed) (so Sherlock or stalker: You decide) I have deduced that…

David is 20 and was recently signed by Models 1, Europe’s leading model agency, and Elite in Paris. Nice! Thanks to his long locks and the kind of chiseled cheekbones I’ve always dreamed of possessing, David has an ethereal androgynous look, which is taken advantage of in shoots and will serve him well in the Hedi Slimane end of the fashion spectrum. He also looks comfortable and moves well in front of the camera, especially considering he’s a New Face.

Also, I wish I worked in an industry where I didn’t have to mention this, but I do: we always need more diversity. There has definitely been an improvement amongst female models in terms of a range of races being represented (obviously with a long way to go). But in my long years modelling, which span back to pre-historic days when I rode Wooly Mammoths to castings, how many Chinese male models have I seen? Seriously few, outside of the odd Benetton/Uniqlo ad. David’ll make it big cos of his look, but I think it’s great that he’ll also be making magazines and catwalks more diverse whilst he’s at it.

The fact that he has a degree and a sense of humour – check out David’s Instagram for his funny captions – will be useful, as in order to succeed in modelling these days you must be able to make yourself into a brand. And to make yourself into a brand, you need a good brain ticking away behind an impeccable bone structure.

davidyang1This post made me chuckle

Finally, my mate, photographer Alex De Mora, said that David is, “one of the nicest male models you’ll ever meet,” so I’m sold.

david yangadmPic by Alex De Mora for Highsnobiety

The world is ready for the first Chinese male supermodel, and I reckon it could be David Yang.

Check him out at Models 1

Rebecca x

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PS David if you read this, don’t worry – I’m not a crazy stalker lady. Well. I am a lady, and I did stalk you a bit, but I’m not crazy. I think.


  1. Caroline wrote:

    Funny, diverse, great cheekbones, and calls out sweat shops- sounds like a winner to me!

  2. Elle wrote:

    Dear Rebecca,

    David’s a dear friend of mine, he’s absolutely wonderful. But thought you might be interested to know that he is also an incredible singer, dancer and actor who used to star in musicals at KCL. Multi-talented guy that one!

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      I didn’t know that Elle – well that’s even more strings to his bow. Brilliant! xx

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