#ModelCrushMonday: Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is obviously beautiful, sexy and a great model. But she’s my #ModelCrushMonday because she’s the first model to really take control of her career and turn herself into a brand with longevity beyond the usual lifecycle of a model.

She burst onto the scene and rose to the top rapidly, appearing on all the most fabulous catwalks, music videos and covers. After getting a little too big for the clothes on the runway (as in she rose to about a UK size 12, as opposed to the standard UK 10), she got in shape and fitness videos followed. In diversifying. Cindy proved to be a precursor to today’s expectations, where models must be presenters/fitness gurus/spokespeople/actors/social media phenomenons. If Cindy were starting out in 2017, she’d get the biggest following, be part of the biggest superstar squad and still be raising two future stars (her two genetically blessed children are totally following in her stiletto steps).

I really enjoy following Cindy’s Instagram page because she doesn’t just post pictures of her looking sexy, she says what she learned from every shoot with every photographer. I certainly know that, while I can’t remember what I ate three hours ago, I can remember how I felt, what I wore, how cold I was, whether I got things wrong and how I was treated. Cindy relays similar experiences, except hers are with Herb Ritts rather than random tests on Hackney rooftops on February that would never see the light of day (thank God).

She’s sexy, she’s all-American, she’s everything: where some say it has to be big hair or big brows, Cindy has both. Tits, ass or legs? Why not all?! She’s hot and wholesome but with enough attitude to not come across as one dimensional, which is why she’s so beloved of editors and photographers everywhere.

Most of all you can see that, behind those sultry eyes, there’s a brain ticking at speed which is why she owns the picture, her image and the business of being Cindy Crawford.

Rebecca x

If you want to learn more about, and from, Cindy, then check out her book Becoming.

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