#ModelCrushMonday: Christy Turlington

I remember seeing Christy Turlington in a documentary about modelling – way before I was scouted – and I can still remember every scene she was in, she made such an impact on me.

If I were to cast the role of Helen of Troy, the character who’s face launched a thousand ships, it would be Christy.

Her face, her body, her aura. Unlike many of my #ModelCrushMondays, she doesn’t make us question our notion of beauty or redefine is in any way – she embodies beauty.

She seems like a kind person and it shows in her face. Though she’s often been put in corsets and underwear, there’s a sense of not having to try, instead she just emanates sensuality.

As one of the supers of the 90s and beyond, Christy dominated the catwalks and covers in her time.

As you can tell I have an enormous crush on her and think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. And still, decades after her first shoots, she is still gorgeous as well as setting up her own charity, Every Mother Counts, to help every woman have a safe pregnancy and birth.

Rebecca x

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