#ModelCrushMonday: Chris Doe

Chris Doe is this week’s #ModelCrushMonday because he asked when he was going to be my #ModelCrushMonday he’s a DIAMOND guy.

I met Chris on our Fat Face shoot – they had been looking for an Eddie Redmayne-alike for a British-themed shoot.

Like Eddie Redmayne…But with no pants

I saw him chatting on the phone on the train going to the same location and could tell he was a model and assumed he was doing Fat Face too, so I just went up and started talking to him. Half way through, I realised that he was looking at me slightly strangely – I hadn’t actually introduced myself and explained that I was also modelling on the shoot too!

Anyway we clicked pretty quickly and I shared my watermelon that a ‘certain fellow’ had cut up for me for my journey. Then I watered his head.

Our pics for Fat Face.

We were husband and wife on the shoot and at one point were put in clothes that gave us a bit of a ‘mature’ vibe: brown cords and a pink jumper for me, or maybe both of us? We named ourselves Geoffrey and Anne and lamented the children moving away after university whilst sipping on some Chardonnay.

As you can tell, Chris is a good chap to have around on a shoot. He’ll talk to everyone, work hard, be there when needed and still find time to teach one of the child models how to do a flip on a trampoline (followed by a snooze. On the trampoline. While the kids jump around him. That’s Geoffrey for you…).

He’s basically just worked constantly since he started modelling – editorials, campaigns, covers and commercial work – and will probably be doing shaving adverts as a silver fox when he’s 60.

Sorry guys, he’s massively loved-up with his mega hot model gf…

For now, however, he’s my #ModelCrushMonday for having almost as many embarrassing stories as me, and for pulling off the ‘musty safari hat’ look pretty darn well…

Rebecca x

Chris is at Select

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