ModelCrushMonday: Caroline Albertelli

Hello! A very special #ModelCrushMonday today: my friend Caroline Albertelli.


I’ll cut to the chase: she’s my crush because she is HILARIOUS!

When people get a mental image of a model in their brain: designer-clad, shiny-groomed, bitchy, pushing a plate of biscuits away and giving another model a catty once-over, I wish they could meet Caroline and banish all those misconceptions at once.

At first glance, she’s the epitome of stunning model. She’ll waft into view in a flowing white minidress, exuding Grecian Goddess vibes with her long legs, olive skin and swooshy hair.


But then she’ll do a cartwheel, flash her polka dot pants and get grass stains on the dress that, it transpires, cost a tenner in the sale. Then she’ll sit down and eat all the pies, though I have no idea where they go because her body is insane.

caroline 3*Regrets biscuit, books bikini wax*

This special lady is also my #ModelCrushMonday because she has influenced my own outlook on modelling. I try and tell myself to ‘be more Caroline’ when it comes to castings. I tend to get a bit het up by the whole process, and get nervous and emotionally invested in the big jobs I’m up for. Caroline, on the other hand, stays totally cool about it all – she’ll go in and give it her best shot, then forget about it. Giving off energy like that is how you nail Tresemme and Macy’s commercials, as Caroline has. I featured one of her previous House of Fraser ads on the blog – feel free to take a look at her and MTF fave Emily Vickers-Willis playing tennis in their frocks!

Lastly, I like getting drunk with Caroline because she downs buckets of wine in one go, accidentally takes pictures of her nipples and then does handstands in funny outfits.


Caroline is at Bookings Models. Check out her Instagram here.

Rebecca x

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