#ModelCrushMonday: Brynn Bonner

Aw, today’s #ModelCrushMonday is a New Face who I’ve seen develop from a young teen model in Nashville to WALKING THE RUNWAY FOR DIOR the other day!

So Brynn has a blog, The Lone Black Rose, and she commented on a MTF post a few months ago. I followed her and saw her braces and her big eyes and ridiculous bone structure and what insane potential she had, and being the regal old lady model I am proffered some advice. Brynn is mega polite and sweet and humble and says ‘M’am’, which is pretty amazing.

Anyway I knew she was gonna do well but sometimes people never make it out of a smaller town because they don’t know they have potential, or fail to get spotted by the right people. But thankfully Brynn was and has been to New York and Paris in the last month and is obviously bringing her graceful ways to both cities who are falling under her charm.

As you can tell I’m a big Brynn fan, just because she’s clearly an engaging and intelligent person as well as very beautiful on the outside. I see big things in her future and I have no doubt that this industry isn’t going to change her in any bad ways.

Go Brynn!

Rebecca x

Brynn is at MP Management, Tribe, Maverick Arts Agency and RED NYC

All images from Brynn’s Instagram, apart from the cover photo which is from her online portfolio at MP Management.

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  1. Bynn is defiantly on the rise. I am so proud her!! I met Brynn one day in the mall…saw her at a shoe store and recognized her potential the moment I saw her. I gave her father my card and told them that “I am not sure if you have ever considered modeling, but you could have a career one day. Please give me a call.” Three months later…she did. Brynn is more than a pretty face. She is kind, humble and respectful of others. She is truly a ROLE MODEL and I am blessed to be her Mother Agent. #tribeon
    Sherry Rhine-Padilla
    Tribe Talent Management

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