#ModelCrushMonday: Anna Cleveland

A couple of weeks ago, my #ModelCrushMonday was the absolutely gorgeous, invigorating, effervescent Pat Cleveland, muse and supermodel of the 70’s and even through to today.

Well through researching her, I found many photos and videos of her model daughter, Anna. Anna is a trained ballet dancer and brings an originality and fearlessness to modelling, as well as a totally different point of view, much in the same way that Pat bought a fresh perspective at the time.

Watching Anna on the catwalk, she takes tiny steps, moves her arms balletically, pulls a range of expressions – I feel sorry for the models who come on after her with their straightforward stomp! Clients are often telling us models, “Now we don’t want a grumpy strut down the runway, we want smiles and movement!” We all listen, but then we don’t actually go for it because we’re scared we’ll be the only ones.

Anna gets booked for her artfulness and intelligence. With her long, pointed features and pale face, she stands out from the Brazilian bombshells and doll faces that are often so popular, but what she lacks in conventional ‘sexiness’ she makes up for with her unique approach to modelling and versatility. It’s little wonder that the don of theatricality in fashion, Gaultier, books her to open and close so many of his shows!

Her appearances are more performance art than modelling and I think she’s great, just like her mama!

Rebecca x

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