ModelCrushMonday: An Oost

An Oost this week’s #ModelCrushMonday because of her wonderful, singular face, and because it made such a huge impact on me when I first beheld it.

So, let me set the scene: my second ever test shoot. My hair was scraped back in a bun, my lips were painted bright pink and sequins were glued to my face. My mum sat in the corner avidly watching, with a bag full of Tupperwares that contained our lunch in her bag.

The photographer showed me An’s campaign for Gucci (KERCHING):


…And told me that he wanted a similar emotion and passion. I remember being struck at how unusual looking she was – her hair, her nose and her presence which came across as a being simultaneously laidback and dynamic.

Until that point, modelling wasn’t something I took any notice of and I was only really aware of the supers – glam, beautiful and exotic. Seeing An’s atypical features surprised me and showed me how beautiful imperfection can be.

That large, flared nose…


The gap teeth…


And the expression that seemed as though she was always internally smiling at something, even when she was giving the camera attitude…


An exudes a laidback, confident vibe. Tomboyish and sensual at the same time, she’s a wonderful example of how a model can be sexy without being attached to an enormous pair of glittery wings.

Basically, I wish I was half as cool as An Oost, and that’s why she’s my #ModelCrushMonday.

Rebecca x

An is at One Management.

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