Model Sacked for Getting her Period?

Apparently, model Rachel Rickert was sent home after Hyundai learned ‘of her period situation’, and is now suing the car giant.

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If it’s true, that’s ridiculous!

It also means that every time us models get our period on a sexy/swimwear/naked catwalk then we would get sent home aaaaaaall the time.

Charlotte Carter-Allen actually STARTED her period whilst on the catwalk. My friend Dominyka got hers just as she was about to open a show (I think it was for Aquazurra?), naked but for diamantés and a white G-string. I remember doing swimwear in the desert in Egypt and having to change my tampon whilst trying to hide myself, behind a random stinky rubbish dump, from a tribe of Bedoin men smoking nearby. Wearing a white swimsuit (natch). OH! The road trip shoot, where we had no time or place to stop to pee let alone change a tampon. I took my chance in the tiny car the entire team was sharing while they photographed the male model, afterwards realising that I was in the background of the shot furiously changing as fast as I could. There was a nice collection of used tampons in the bottom of my bag by the end of the 6am-10pm day :-|. Oh and how could I forget – the dangling tampon string of my lingerie shoot. And I suspect I’m just scratching the surface of my 16 year career here.

Anyway, the list could go on and I have no doubt that every single model has a horror story cos ya know what – this sh*t happens cos we’re human females of an age where we menstruate, and periods don’t make us unclean, they just mean that things are ticking along as they should. I’m pretty sure that no man has walked near me, sniffed and run away gasping because I had my period. Well Orthodox Jewish man at the Men’s Ponds in Hampstead wasn’t thrilled when he saw me dive into those murky waters – sorry dude. If this story is true then shame on Hyundai for shaming a woman for being a woman and not a breathing un-functioning sex doll.

Rebecca x

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