Model Multi-tasker: The Jojoba Company Jojoba & Rosehip OIl

Fun fact: the other day my skin’s hydration, pH and elasticity were tested. Having heard that after 27 you face starts falling backwards into your head and your journey into prune-hood fully begins, I was somewhat nervous about the results.

But I didn’t need to be – apparently I had the most hydrated skin of anyone who had been tested that day! My score was something like 76, and hydrated skin is 59.

The difference between ‘hydrated’ and ‘dehydrated’ doesn’t mean one person’s is flawless and one has skin like a lizard. It is more of an indication as to whether you’re delivering moisture deep into all of the skin’s layers – my friend had a score of only 10 and her skin looked even and flawless.

What was my secret? Well – I’ve been rather loving this product of late. It’s 100% natural jojoba oil with rosehip seed oil.


Just like jojoba, I thought I’d go in a bit deeper than my usual review. I thought I’d take us into the history of jojoba a bit. Don’t start snoring – it’s on the side of the rather lovely package. It reads as thus:

“When missionaries first studied the Native Americans of the Sonoran Desert in the early 18th Century, they were surprised by the radiant, flawless skin of the older women despite the harsh, dry conditions. They noted that women of all ages applied a golden liquid to their skin every day, to heal and condition. It was not an oil…but the liquid wax of the jojoba plant. Jojoba is the only plant on earth known to produce a liquid wax like that found in healthy, young human skin.”

So basically, in the days pre-double cleansing, the Native Americans were enjoying youthful skin thanks to jojoba. If you think about it – if the liquid composition is like human skin, then our skin will recognise that wax as it’s own wax and let it sink in deep, (past the epidermis; the top layer) to where it matters.


But wait! There’s more! There’s rosehip in here too – my second favourite oil after jojoba. It’s beloved in anti-aging circles because it’s high in Vitamins A and C – super duper skin feeders that help rejuvenate and stimulate collagen production. It’s also my fall back when I have scars from spots of scratching my face when my nails are too long (d’oh) because there are essentially fatty acids in there to help with skin rejeneration.

So there was my science and history lesson – what about the actual product?

I really like the packaging and it comes with a very precise teat pipette (so often they just dribble everywhere). I’ve been taking it around with me as the ultimate multi-tasker. Here’s how I used it…

  • It’s all I take for my post-workout shower. It’s perfect to moisturise my body and face, as it sinks in within about a minute. It definitely goes on quite thick, and feels luxurious, but rub it in for maybe 20 seconds and it’s literally disappeared, no oily residue.
  • I even put some on the ends of my hair once and, even though it’s not the stated use, I have no complaints! My hair was easy to de-tangle and it wasn’t greasy afterwards at all.
  • It’s been my serum under day and night creams.
  • I’ve been buffing my lips with a toothbrush, then applying a layer of this. It’s great prep for shoots and for wearing lipstick. Usually my lips feel like a shrivelled cat’s bum within minutes but my lipstick has been lasting comfortably for entire weddings! (And I dance ’til the wee small hours).
  • I’ve had a rotten cold. I get the sorest reddest nose in the world when I get colds, so whenever I blew my nose, I put some of this on. For perhaps the first time ever, I haven’t got any dry skin round my nose!
  • Cuticles – I’ve even been rubbing this in to the sides of my nails and I have no quicks anymore.

The Verdict

Well, I think it’s pretty plain to see that I’m sold, but the result in the hydration test really was the proof in the pudding for me. Jojoba’s a miracle ingredient, and rosehip’s not far behind! I’m going to be buying this as one of my never without beauty staples; I’m basically never without it. It’s £16.95 for 30ml but bearing in mind it’s lasting me ages and is such a great do-everything product, I think that’s bargainous.

Best of all, the jojoba is farmed responsibly in Australia as a sustainable, carbon neutral crop and the product itself is vegan and contains literally two ingredients – jojoba and rosehip seed oil – nothing else!

Do check it out – you can see their site full of lots of gorgeous things here. You can buy the product from Holland and Barrett, though you’ll have to head to their many shops to purchase.

Rebecca x


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