Mmmmm! Chocolatey Coffee That’s GOOD for You!

This landed through my door a couple of weeks ago and I have been HEARTILY enjoying it!

I’m not sure what you’re like with coffee and chocolate, but my tastes are a bit extreme. As in – I either like incredibly strong, black coffee with no milk and chocolate that is so bitter that it makes you thirsty…Or I want a milky mocha and a Wispa.

I know which one is best for me, but on a cold day or when you’re feeling a bit blue (or you’re PMSing worse than this lion…)


Then for some reason only the most-worst-for-you will do. Slovenly sofa days, indulgent ice cream marathons, box set binges…They’re great in the moment but right after (especially when you get that last minute lingerie casting) the regret can creep in.

Well I have discovered this wonderful stuff, which is just brill for both days that you’re full of energy – or those patches of life you need a boost.


So what is it? It’s a delicious blend of coffee, raw cacao and brown rice protein. That makes it fab for anyone who is vegan and is looking for ways to boost their protein intake, which of course is vital for a healthy functioning body as well as attaining that lean physique many of us want to achieve.

It’s easy to whizz up in a blender. You can either make an ice mocha:

25g Chirpy Chirpy Cocha Mocha Super Protein to 250 milk of choice, sweetener of choice, add ice and blend.

Or warm (same but t0 warm milk (not boiling), blend and enjoy.

You can also get creative. I add a banana and spinach and drink at room temperature (cos I’m a rebel like that). It’s the most insanely excellent milkshake!

What does it taste like? Well – it’s strong, but delicious! If you like coffee, and you like chocolate, you will LOVE this! I was most reminded of an espresso martini (the best drink) though obviously this is much better for you!

And how about the benefits? Well benefit 1: I am left BUZZING!!! If you’re the kind of person who can’t do a workout on an empty stomach and needs a boost in the morning, this is the sort of potion you could whizz up when you wake up to get you moving and motivated.

As I am quite sensitive to caffeine I save this for those days when I need to punch through my grogginess and get myself running around, thinking fantastic writing thoughts and generally feeling like I’m flying through time and space.

Right, so the ingredients are a veritable powerhouse. Brown rice protein is a complete protein, and it helps support healthy hair, nails, bones and helps repair and build lean muscle. Cacao I’ve already sung the praises of – for me, the best benefits are that it contains iron (for anyone prone to anaemia) and magnesium (really helps you sleep). It also helps stimulate ‘happy centres’ in our brain and I can vouch for that! I really find that after my smoothie I’m more up for the day ahead and positive in general. Coffee (Fair Trade) we all know gets the blood pumping and energy up!

Now this is pricey (well to me it is) at £13.99. That’s why it’s a lovely treat rather than an every day thing for me, but when I choose to use it, it’s like I’ve put on my Superman suit, ready to ace my workouts, run around London for my castings and write like a fiend.

Rebecca x

Check out for their range of other delicious flavours!

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