Merry Christmas One and All!

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all heaving at the seams, dozing to Scrooged, pondering when it might be feasible to open that Chocolate Orange and your presents all went down a treat (maybe you were following my gift guides for ES…?).

My mother crept into my room to wake me up this Christmas day….Because it was gone midday and we were sitting down to eat soon. OOPS! I always go into hibernation mode this time of year.

I got some great presents, including the usual festive socks and £20 from Gran which truly makes it Christmas! I’ll be spending my £20 on a dictionary and reading it every day so expect an elevated lexicon on Modeltypeface this 2017.

Anyway love you all and hope you’re having a well-deserved break.

Rebecca xxx

PS cover pic was my Tamsin Carter on Caroline Albertelli‘s camera x

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