Marcie: A Beautiful Face and A Beautiful Heart

My model mates never fail to shock me. They’re always banishing those stereotypes of held about our profession…that we’re all anorexic (you should have seen us demolish the cakes at our afternoon tea), that we’re bitches (they’re always supporting my blog and writing) and that we’re rich divas swanning around in designer gear (seriously. We’re not).

Marcie, a brainy politics student with an impeccable bone structure has previously talked to Modeltypeface about balancing modelling and Uni. She’s been killing it with the modelling lately, with her campaign for Barbour and shooting for Vogue – she’s on a path to big things.

marcieThis gorgeous face is getting her loads of work…but the contents of that lovely head are also leading her to charity work! Click the pic to head to her Instagram.

I know she’s passionate about the world around her – in fact just today she was chatting to Russell Brand about heading down to LSE for an ‘Occupy’ movement going on there. He seemed pretty impressed with her passion for affordable education for all and a democratic University system…Though he was also rather taken with her face!

Well anyways, something showed up in my news feed yesterday that made me spit out my herbal tea in shock – Marcie is going to PALESTINE for TWO MONTHS to take part in humanitarian work out there!

This really impressed me. Us models feel bad about taking a day off for a long weekend with our family in case we miss castings. 2 weeks holiday is anticipated with dread – what if we miss out on work?! So to take out 2 months without even asking her agency, Bookings, if it’s OK because she believes in the work so fiercely is really incredible. She’s putting her beliefs above her own (money-spinning) career in modelling.

(Though they were pretty scared for her at first, they’re now very impressed and supportive of Marcie’s decision).

What she’ll actually be doing out there will be grueling. This isn’t showing up for a photo call and hi-fiving kids in a school for 45 minutes – Marcie will be going to Palestine for 2 months with International Service organization as part of ICS program, which is sponsored by British government. This organization focuses on human rights – Marcie doesn’t know exactly what she’ll be doing yet, but she knows it’ll focus on women and children, and empowering communities. Marcie might be…

– Helping women build up women-only cooperatives such as farms and grocery shops.
– Helping to educate women and young people on their rights.
– Working with universities promoting human rights.
–  Helping on a project that gives women legal advice.

She’s pretty excited because they 2 months work she’ll be doing will be helping people build a future. ICS work with local organizations from grassroots levels, so they cooperate with locals instead just setting up projects that do not have a future.

Marcie has set up a Just Giving Page for her 10km run to raise £800 for the organisation before her departure. If you can donate anything, I know it’d be greatly appreciated and going towards meaningful work and a strong future for Palestine.

Do click the link above and donate whatever you can. I really am in awe to see Marcie leave a jammy job behind and fight for what she believes in.It shows courage, determination and a lack of vanity.

And it shows us that behind that beautiful exterior is an even  more beautiful brain, and heart.


Rebecca x

Marcie is at Bookings Models

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  1. Caroline wrote:

    Amazing Marcie, well done!

  2. modeltypeface wrote:

    I’m amazed too Caroline! Got a lot of respect for Marcie! Xx

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