Looking Like a Model…#1: Look After Yourself

The number 1 rule of looking like a model has to be…. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!

People often seem to think that there’s a magic silver bullet to looking like a model: that we’re always using expensive creams, eating next to nothing, surviving on black coffee, gyming night and day, heading to Harley St every day…

NO! The secret is moderation: finding a good balance between, on the one hand, being thoughtful to your diet, exercise regime and skin…and on the other hand, living your life! What is life without the odd slice of birthday cake, the occasional slob-fest -box-set marathon or (if you’re over 18!) some drinks with your friends?

I’ll be going into more detail on each over time, but let me give you the Five Commandments of Modelling to follow if you’re to look like a model:

1) Thou Shalt Get Clued Up On Skincare

It’s vital that your skin looks great, so that it’s the perfect canvas for make up artists to completely cover it up by trowelling on the slap (half joking). Lots of models are remarkably clueless about skincare, which is suprising when each page of a magazine is advertising some sort of miracle elixir, and when you consider that the US beauty industry alone made $56.63 bn in 2012.

Can we just take that in one second…Over FIFTY SIX BILLION dollars!!!! That’s a whole lot of moisturiser.

It’s very easy: cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily. Aim to use products that are free from harsh, drying chemicals such as SLS and parabens. I personally love Therapi, Avene, Pai and Burts Bees as products my skin loves, but you might be different! Check out future posts dealing with acne, sensitive skin, eczema and dry skin – all of which I’ve suffered from over the years.

Oh and PS, if you’re totally broke, I recommend olive oil as a fantastic make up remover, moisturiser and hot hair mask and coconut oil as an incredible make up remover, cleanser, moisturiser and hair conditioner!

carmen miranda

(Aim to eat as much fruit as Carmen Miranda liked to wear)

2) Though Shalt Eat a Healthy Diet

One of the commonest misconceptions about models is that we all sit around gazing balefully at rice cakes, limiting our calorie intake and wolfing down a tissue a day to keep full.

Actually, successful models do eat…admittedly less chocolate fudge cake than the average person might, but it’s imperative to keep one’s energy levels up during a shoot or day of castings. Plus food is vital for glowing skin and shiny hair.

We’re just canny on what to avoid: we have little or no processed sugar, and don’t tend to opt for white food like white bread or white pasta. There’s so much out there that we can enjoy though: whole grains, brown rice, vegetables and fruit. We also prefer to eat raw, roasted and grilled foods rather than deep fried.

Food is a thorny issue and I’ll definitely keep you regularly posted on my top healthy diet tips for a lean – but healthy – body.

mr motivator

(Yup. That’s me with Mr Motivator)

3) Thou Shalt Exercise

You can’t model without exercising. No really, you can’t – we’re running around the capitals of cities every day, pounding the streets and sprinting up escalators, desperately trying to make it on time to castings.

But the way to feel great on a shoot is to know that you’re toned and buoyed up by energy from exercise. I love jogging, Pilates and yoga, whereas other girls are into more hardcore sweaty stuff like cross fit or bikram. It’s about finding what suits your own body, schedule and energy levels. If there’s no time to gym, or we’re travelling around too much, lots of us go for Youtube exercise channels or exercise DVDs. There’s always a way!

4) Thou Shalt Sleep

One of the most vital components of modelling – and often the most ambushed by early call times, overcrowded model apartments and the lure of parties. Aim for 8 hours a night – it’s not always possible, I know! If you’ve got a shoot the next day, alcohol and a late night is a total no-no as it’ll show in your complexion, expression and energy (plus you’ll get the vodka sweats and no one will appreciate that, especially the stylist who has to return the clothes tomorrow…) A good nights sleep will give you plumped skin, bright eyes and bundles of energy.

Sometimes I still get nervous before a big shoot and don’t get to sleep easily, but I just lie on my back and breathe, and try not to let the thoughts run through my head. Even if you’re not asleep, you’re still resting.

5) Thou Shalt Have Fun

We don’t just eat quinoa and do squats all the time, you know. If you’re going to look happy and engaged on a shoot, you need to be living your life. I love to check out the city I’ve just arrived in and going into galleries, delis and shops. I go out partying in moderation, and I love to cook and, more importantly, eat with friends. If you’re not having fun, then you’ll get lonely and a bit desperate for work, and take that energy on castings. It’s about living your life and taking that energy to your jobs, and it’s about having stuff to talk about on castings. Modelling is amazing, but it’s not the be-all and end-all.

Rebecca x

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  1. Aisha Masood wrote:

    You always look glowing but I know you work hard for it! Think we can all work harder on the above, great tip with the olive oil, shall give it a go. Also honey and sugar make a great exfoliator xx

  2. fay wrote:

    Good advice, learned through trial and error and you don’t have to be a model to benefit, it’s for everyone!

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