This, perhaps, seems like an even weirder body part to focus on that than my post on ‘Nipples’. In fact, my previous two posts on nipples and, if you consider I’ve only done about ten posts, that’s a lot of boob already.

Eyebrows, however, are incredibly important. Look at Cara, who is basically one big gurning monobrow (yet somehow manages to look beautiful: that’s what modelling’s all about). They don’t just frame her face, they set it off, enhancing her giant green eyes and dwarfing her face, making it look even more cute and elfin. Top eyebrow technician Vaishaly, who charges about a squillion pounds to shape your eyebrows, often refers to how vitally important they are to frame, shape and (when you’re a bit older) lift your face.

carainstaThanks to Cara, no make up artist has plucked my eyebrows for three years

It’s a shame, then, that us models are often scouted at that age where we’re desperate to rid ourselves of any hair growing on our body, (apart from the hair on our head, which most of us want to grow to mermaid length). Overplucked eyebrows are the despair of a new face booker, because this can easily ruin a girl’s face and ‘look’. We’re meant to look like a natural blank canvas, and instead it can all go a bit ‘Vicky Pollard’.


Overplucked eyebrows are harsh and give your face less definition.

I talk from experience. At school, I felt incredibly self-conscious of my eyebrows. Actually, I felt incredibly self-conscious of my height, my skinny frame, my nose, my braces, my acne, I could go on…but today, let’s look at my eyebrows…


It’s hard to decide which feature is largest. PS I’d love to revisit this hair length.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, what a great beauty I was…

But look at those eyebrows! Wild! Bushy! Like my Dad’s for heavens sakes! Oh, and they went up at the end, meeting my hairline. Along with my large flat right ear (just the right one) this led to me being called ‘Spock,’ a lot.


To be fair, I have a better fringe…

If only I could thin them down, thought I, but my mum refused to let me remove hair from my legs, arms, face, eyebrows. Also, plucking seemed extremely painful. I dreamed of having eyebrows like All Saints’ eyebrows, and instead I had those caterpillars.


For some reason, I thought that the eyebrows adorning the Appletons from All Saints were the nuts.

Enough was enough, I decided one day, starring at those caterpillars above my glasses. It was time to take action.

Action came in the form of my Dad’s Gilette razor, untouched since the 70s. I’d simply shave away the eyebrow part that reached my hairline…

AH! That was so easy! So refreshing! An inch-wide hair-free trail now graced the side of my forehead.

Now how about if I just tried to get rid of the little bits between the eyebrows, AKA the monobrow bits that some bitchy girl had pointed out during chemistry at school…

And so it continued. Though I left it for that day, my secret eyebrow shaving continued, becoming a slight obsession. Soon I had shaved away most of my eyebrows into two wonky, mismatched McDonald golden arches. I’m afraid I have no photographic evidence, but I can assure you that I looked pretty bad…My mum noticed, told me off, and I didn’t touch my dad’s razor again.

I was lucky though – my eyebrows grew back, and are now one of my best features. Thanks for Cara, big eyebrows are in, and every make up artist tells me how fab they are. They work for any themed shoot, from Victorian-inspired through to futuristic. They make the planes and angles of your face more graphic, they can soften out masculine looks or they can toughen up a ‘pretty’ make up look.


My eyebrows help add drama to a strong beauty look here (pic by Pedro Gabriel)


And here, they stop a natural make up look from being too soft or wishywashy. By Chris Jenner.

They’re one of the best accessories you can have – and they’re free! But you have to nurture them. Here are my quick tips for eyebrow success…

1) LEAVE THEM ALONE! Seriously, don’t touch the shape. You can pluck the monobrow hairs in the middle and the really stray ones that verge onto your eyelids at the bottom. DON’T touch the hairs above, DON’T try and shape them and DON’T let make up artists do anything to them other then pluck stray hairs.

2) Go Pro: If you really feel like you have two Groucho Marx’s above your eyes, then go and get them professionally shaped somewhere your agency recommend. Vaishaly are the best, or somewhere really posh and expensive, like Aveda. I know it’s pricey, but the average local salon is far more likely to overpluck and overshape, losing you work. Remember, keep the receipt and you can claim on expenses!


Fair enough – if your eyebrows look like Groucho’s, it might be time to head to the salon…

3) EAT WELL! for healthy hair. Avocado, olive oil, oily fish and leafy green veg are rich in the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that will feed and nourish your hair.

4) Sea Kelp supplements: These are my secret weapon! They make your nails and hair grow super fast and strong. Endless make up application and removal, travel and poor sleep can really affect your body’s ability to refresh and renew its cells – this gives you a good kick start. I get mine from Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

5) Collection clear mascara:



£2.99 from Superdrug

I know I know, I’m usually all about the natural and organic – but cheap and cheerful’s all you need in this case you keep your eyebrows in a good shape. I’ve always used Collection, since it was called Collection 2000 and it was the year 2000 (Dear GOD, I’m OLD!). Their clear mascara seems to have been hijacked by Little Mix, but don’t let that put you off. Simply brush through your eyebrows in upward motions to keep them in place, and avoid you walking around like this…



Before Cara there was…Sam the Eagle!

Rebecca x

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  1. Rhi wrote:

    apparently you can get growth serum for your brows too.
    That picture is adorable

  2. My eyebrows have never grown! Any tips on how to make them grow (independently of other body hair)? Love this blog and more importantly you were a cute little alien kid, I still remember! X

  3. modeltypeface wrote:

    Hi Laura! Thanks for your comment – I’m afraid everything that makes your hair grown, food and supplement-wise, will make the rest of your hair grow. For me that means a luscious mane, thick brows…and over-frequent bikini waxes.

    There is always make up to give the illusion of a thicker brow – I can’t recommend Benefit’s Brow Zing enough! http://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk/product/view/brow-zings

    I’ll look into the serums that Rhi suggests and get back to you on another post in the future!

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  6. Wimpern Serum wrote:

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    weil man sich nicht sicher ist ob man es zu sehr sehen will.
    So stand ich tag täglich unentschlossen da und war kein bisschen schlauer
    🙂 Um genau diese Unentschlossenheit endlich abzustellen, wurde es also höchste Zeit es objektiv zu beurteilen. Dafür ist der Fotobeweis schließlich
    da 🙂 Also schauen wir uns mal an, was die Kamera als objektiver
    Beobachter dazu sagt.

  7. Jess wrote:

    Every article I read about eyebrows just makes me more and more self conscious. If you think Cara Delevigne is a monobrow and your eyebrows are huge then I am probably not even human. I was raised to believe in not judging people for their appearance and I don’t believe anyone else owes me anything in terms of changing themselves but more and more it seems the opposite is not true. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who doesn’t give in to ridiculous standards and peer pressure but there doesn’t seem to be anyone on the internet who even realizes that women like me exist. I have to look at men’s grooming sites to find eyebrows that even come close to my thickness–still haven’t found an equal.

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      Hi Jess, strong features are amazing! I bet your eyebrows are superb. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from modelling, it’s that what makes us imperfect and unique that makes us stunning. People who get strong noses reshaped into teeny petite ones lose definition. People who get strong eyebrows made into tiny neat ones lose definition. And people with petite features who try to sculpt them stronger look all wrong! Models often have flat chests/rangy legs/pale skin/strong brows/generally features that society says aren’t ‘sexy’ and they rock them!

      I bet you have great brows. If you’re self-conscious, then you can always check out an eyebrow specialist but I’d recommend someone in the Vaishali school of thought, not a high-street salon who will wax them into tiny little surprised arches.

      I bet your eyebrows rock!

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