Lauren Wasser: Model Who Lost Her Leg to Toxic Shock Defies Convention

In an industry that expects a pretty face, a ‘perfect’ body and a pleasant, passive disposition, Lauren Wasser is defying expectations.

Check out this incredible interview with Vice Magazine, in which Lauren describes losing a leg to Toxic Shock Sydrome after going to bed wearing a tampon.

Born to model parents, Lauren spent her childhood being taken around the world on shoots by her Mother. A natural on set and with her parent’s impeccable bone structure, it was inevitable that she’d follow them into modelling, and found immediate success.

Lauren wasserTaken from Lauren’s Instagram page

Thanks to that tampon, everything changed overnight. Lauren came close to death, was put into a medically induced coma and had her leg amputated when it turned gangrenous.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be physically fit, athletic and have a career in which visual perfection is expected – only to wake up in a hospital bed bald, shaven-headed, bloated and missing a limb? I can imagine feeling utterly disorientated, crushed, panicked and sick from feeling the walls of certainty, the future I’d imagined for myself crash down around me.

Lauren’s searing honesty in this interview really gets to me – she admits struggling to cope with the loss of her limb in excruciating detail, talking about the practical side of losing a leg as well as the emotional side.

Lauren is the definition of tough. She clearly has a lot of attitude, and this got her through the ordeal to fight her way to success. Though she still struggles with dealing with it all, I am full of admiration for the way that she is tackling the tampon company through suing them, and the squaring up to the modelling industry by presenting an unapologetic alternative vision of beauty.

Lauren Wasser 2Photo credit: Jennifer Rovero/Camraface

Oh – and these incredible photos are taken by her girlfriend, so there’s another boundary being pushed, not that it’s something Lauren talks about as something special or different (which is as it should be!)

I’ve talked about Toxic Shock Syndrome before – the best thing to do to avoid it is acquaint yourself with a Mooncup. It takes a little bit of time to get used to for some, but now I’m a Mooncup maestro it’s fine. In fact it’s better for shoots – no dangling string and much less leaking on heavy days.

Hope you enjoy the interview – I found it truly inspiring!

Rebecca x

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