Laura Geller Goodies: Trying Out my US Mama’s Make Up Range…

So, I told you earlier this year about how I basically fell in love with Laura Geller and got informally adopted by her.

Laura is worshipped in the States, where she is QVC’s biggest seller – but over here, her brand is lesser known. Fluroescent PR threw her a gorgeous launch in Soho where I sampled lots of goodies and walked home with a few to test. I rocked her Madison Pink lipstick…


…Because anything bright and statement tends to end up on my face (I find it easy. Wash my hair, one statement lipstick, maybe some mascara and hey presto! It looks like I’ve made an effort!).

There was a tube of one of her most famous products, the primer called Spackle, in the goodie bag too. Laura had described this as ‘like polyfila for the face’ which, frankly, put me off a bit. I tend to wear either no foundation or a light dusting of powder as I spend so long taking care of my skin I like to show my work off! So (please read on before un-adopting me, Laura!) I gave the Spackle to my Mum, who I knew would prefer the polyfila qualities!

Weirdly for me, I started suffering with a bout of insomnia (I could usually sleep through a nuclear apocalypse) and (despite the superfoods) I got a terrible cold. Suddenly I needed a lot more than a ‘light dusting of powder’….

Then, I saw Laura from Fluoroescent PR looking even more glowy than usual and I was like, ‘what are you doing differently? I need it!” “Spackle,” came her reply. Then I went home to visit Mum and genuinely thought she had had ‘something done’, if not a mega-watt facial. “Spackle,” was all she smugly said.

I was going to a wedding the next day, and I woke up from my hour’s worth of sleep looking like a crinkly old grey bag with a bright red nose. So I sneakily used the Spackle I’d foolishly given my beloved Mum and…

Oh my God…

My face! It looked human! It looked better than human…It looked like I’d slept for 8 hours straight followed by three hours of yoga and a smoothie bowl. Spackle’s got this magic quality of filling in the bits you want filled in and adding brightness to the face without sitting on top of the skin, so when you put foundation on it doesn’t look too layered (my pet hate).

The insomnia is continuing, but at least I don’t panic about how terrible I’ll look on castings as I know Spackle will save the day! I thought I’d talk you through a little make up look I gave myself for a casting on Monday, when I had to look ‘Swedish’ and ‘Mumsy’. I wanted to look a bit more sophisticated and mature, but still natural. And like I’d had more than 2 hours of sleep…


This was the actual make up look, close up…


So I started out putting Spackle in Champagne (£25) onto cleansed, toned and moisturised skin…


Then it was time for foundation. I had been sent a powder foundation, which I expected not to like. I find that powder foundations can sit on skin and matify you to the point of 2 dimensional-ness…But not this beauty! Balance-N-Brighten Baked Foundation (£26) You can do what I did, which is to apply just a thin veil with a kabuki brush for an even but very light coverage. Because there are so many colours, skintone is evened and corrected as well as achieving a luminosity which is surprisingly subtle when you look at the product!

Another thing I’d say here is that the baked products started out as liquid, so they’re not at all drying or flaky in the way that other powdery products can feel and act.

On Geller’s Instagram there are people with far more skin coverage and contouring, which I think you could achieve easily by layering this. It’s far more flawless looking but it’s just not my personal style as a) I need to look natural for castings and b) I am lazy and c) I have always wanted sharp cheekbones and I’ll probably Edward Scissorhands my face in a contouring quest.

gel012_laurageller_balancenbrighten_porcelain_780x980The colours in this product help correct redness, blemishes and the powder absorbs oil and shine.

So eyes! I never, ever put eyeshadow on. Not because I hate it. Just because I don’t know how to. Pitiful really, if you think that the best in the business have painted my face, but in my defense – my eyes were closed when they got to my eyelids!

I know the basics though, and that’s what I followed here, with Geller’s NY Wearables 5 Eye Palette, £28.

The most basic eyelid protocol is….a light colour (Oyster) beneath the outer edge of the eyebrows, sweep a warmer light colour (Honey) across the whole eyelid as a base, blend a darker colour (Sable) to the outer edges of the eye and line the eyelid with the darkest (khaki). It gives you your most basic smokey eye, with the lighter colours helping to open up the eyes for a daytime look.

I lined the eyes with a brilliant eyeliner by Geller: INKcredible Gel Eyeliner (£24 for FIVE!). An eyeliner that LINES! With a lovely DARK BLACK LINE AND GOES WHERE IT SHOULD AND DOESN”T MUSS UP! It stayed all day. You could get a classic 50s flick with this easily, or you can randomly poke your eye with it, smudge it with your thumb (drunk) and still get a decent smokey effect.


Because I wanted to look more groomed than usual, I layered her DramaLASH Mascara (£19) – three coats and a layer on the bottom lashes! That’s very on-trend and opened up my eyes for that 60s look. IMG_5207
The last two steps. Blusher. This was a departure from my norm of light, bright pink as I had to look rosy cheeked but mature for the casting (it was very specific). So, Blush-n-Brighten by Geller in Roseberry (£23) did the job perfectly. I looked like I’d been sat near a hearth reading poetry rather than skipping around a meadow, which was just what I was after.

Last things last. I got sent ‘Tribeca‘ lipstick (£16) and I’ll be honest – I wasn’t thrilled. It’s nowhere near the usual shade I would go for (pillarbox red, Baboon’s Bum scarlet, Barbie pink…you get the jist). And when I put it on, I was a bit bemused. Where had my lips gone?

However, once I blotted the colour with a piece of tissue and layered some clear gel on top, I got this slightly 60’s nude to compliment the smokey eye. It’s a bit more subtle and grown-up than I’m used to, but it’s great to step outside of my comfort zone.

So with Geller, I’m sold. I think her products are very decently priced considering the coverage, quality and versatility of each one. Her concealer pot is also magic – I stupidly requested the wrong colour for myself – but they give great coverage for pesky dark circles. I need to rush out and buy my shade because it’s the only good under eye concealer I’ve EVER FOUND!

So there we have it! A new, mature Modeltypeface!

Or not…


Rebecca x

All products were from Cult Beauty.

Thanks to MMCL_London for sending me so many goodies to try x

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  1. Lola Byatt wrote:

    I love your natural finish!! you look so pretty and your eyes look amaazing! I am def the same when it comes to make up. I avoid it totally when my skin is bad because I don’t want anything to aggravate my acne but when that is cleared up I wanna show off the clear skin! The primer you mentioned sounds so nice 🙂 cult beauty have a goodie bag offer right now as well 😉 xx

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