Launching a New Segment….#GIRLTALK

Don’t worry boys, I’m not being a ‘misandrist’ leaving you out – feel free to join in with us as we discuss our PERIODS.

Oh. Bye then….

It’s not just about periods, but I did want to have a little segment on the blog about dealing with all those tough moments that come with being a female and a model: contraception choices, coping with awful time of the month moments, keeping safe in whatever city you’re in and general lady hassles that no one helped me with!

I can clearly remember, when I started modelling, what we New Faces discussed the most. It wasn’t what covers we shot or who we wanted to work with, but who had worn a thong yet and who’d used a tampon yet. We were that young! People on shoots often forget that models are human. I’m just remembering that time on a road trip shoot where I had to quickly and ninja-ly changed my tampon in the back of the car while the male model was snoozing (I really hope). I had to just sort of keep it in my hand until, I am sorry to admit, I chucked it out the window. I am REALLY sorry for littering you, planet, and I really hope that a badger didn’t eat it and die.

Then, as you get a bit older and perhaps start copulating, it’s time to choose your contraception. That’s a tricky one – they’re famous for affecting our weight, skin, boobs and moods and you don’t want to be juggling your job and your hormones too much. I’ve tried loads of different ones, so I’m happy to talk through the pros and cons of those.

Female models are often seen as a very desirable trophy girlfriend/accessory, which is why when we’re out in clubs we can get some attention that is frankly unwanted or dangerous, as well as walking the streets for castings. So I’ll also be putting some proper sensible ‘stay safe’ posts in ‘Girl Talk’.

Rebecca x

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