Pennies, Pouts and TERRY WOGAN! latest vlog on lips for How To Pose for Pictures’!

So! Here’s my latest vlog. As I describe in the video, It’s been AGES since my last one because I’ve been so worried I’m crap at it! However I read an interview with Tanya Burr, vlogger extraordinaire, who said that the best advice she can give is just to practice and you’ll improve.

So here I am, giving you my best advice on how to hold your lips in pictures.

So I’m a bit stutterey at times but bear with me!

We often get it wrong with lips – I pouted SOOOO much (and sometimes still do!) when I started modelling, and it can look unnatural.

If you’re not blessed with the pillow lips of Rosie H-W (and let’s be honest, who is?!) check out Karlie Kloss, who always looks gorgeous and has thinner lips than many of her counterparts…


Watch my vid to see that there are ways to make those lips look a bit plumper without going all…

lisalips …On the camera lens.

Rebecca x

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