Last Week a PR Saved My Skin!

It has been a very busy time for Modeltypeface. Loads of shoots, lots of blogging, a tonne of writing work and my bestest friend having a baby mean there’s been far less daytime yoga and far more furious typing and scurrying all over town.

I had a three day shoot for Manuka Yoga following a presentation that went on til gone 9pm (my first ever presentation*. I think I prefer catwalk…). Now my whole thing is that I really look after my skin and hair, which is a good fit with Manuka as they are all about wellness.

So it’s a shame that when I woke up, my skin was terrible! I had slept really badly and the temperature had really dropped in recent days. I felt puffy and small-eyed and I had a huge rash on the left side of my face, and it felt really tight and dry but was also greasy AND I had a spot on my nose?! At least my hair looked OK…

Now with all my exercise I’m happy with my body but I’m also not gonna lie, it’s not the thing I’m most confident about when wearing tight leggings and crop tops. But my skin and hair are what make me feel like a good model so when my skin was acting up, it really did make me feel less confident. And feeling unconfident on a shoot is NEVER good.

I was also staying at Theo’s for the whole week as it’s easier to get to The Worx (a studio in Parson’s Green, which can be a ballache for anyone who doesn’t live in South West London to get to). I have beauty things at Theo’s but not my SOS excellent favourite products.

So what did I do? I sent a dramatic Whatsapp to Laura at Fluorescent PR, asking her to come to my rescue. Being the mensch that she is, I promptly received a bag full of rapid-working, effective products that I’ll talk you through now.

Verso Sheet Masks, £60 for 4 at Net-A-Porter


I’ve spoken about these before and my goodness they are incredible! They’re very spenny but very, very effective at delivering a huge hit of hydration to the skin and smoothing over any crinkles, wrinkles and blemishes. I like to take them when I’m flying as they really combat dehydration and dullness thanks to their patented Retinol-8, plus you can get them through in your hand luggage.

I used the Intense Facial Mask on the first night and immediately my skin lost that uncomfortable tight feeling, my eye bags depuffed and I woke up to much improved skin. But I did need a second evening (I would never use them two nights in a row usually, as they are quite powerful plus I don’t want to use them up!) and the Deep Hydration mask really did the job of lessening my rash and plumping out my skin.


The thing I find with these masks is that immediately your skin certainly feels smoother, but a few hours later and even a day or two later the magic really shows it’s work. So don’t follow these immediately with a serum or moisturiser. Do them when you get home, then maybe a few hours later add your usual nightcream so you don’t dilute the power.

Sukin Rosehip Oil, £19.95 from Boots


As soon as I saw this bottle, I just knew it was exactly what my skin needed. Pure cold-pressed Roship Oil and nothing else, nothing over-complicated to stress out my skin with too many super-food wonder ingredients.

The surprising thing about this oil is just how readily skin drinks it up. I’d usually use a couple of drops and no more as I wouldn’t want to risk getting greasy skin. But at bedtime, a few hours after the Verso mask, I gently smoothed on a whole teat pipettes-worth of Sukin’s Rosehip Oil. It felt sooooooo kind and pure and soothing. Leaving the bathroom a tad shiny I thought I was done but 15 minutes later and my skin felt in need of some more. It had completely sunk in! I put two more loads on. The next morning, I cleansed very lightly with a bit of Pixi Glow Tonic (as I do every morning) and then three more applications of this.

By the time I got to my shoot, my skin wasn’t just glowing it was shimmering and radiating and looking like totally different skin! The combination of the Verso and the Rosehip – the high performing ‘sciencey’ retinol-8 mask and the anti oxidant and vitamin E-rich, anti-inflammatory plant-based oil – had turned my skin around.

Obviously I wouldn’t usually load my skin with such a high quantity of product but it was remarkably thirsty and having a mini meltdown. Usually two or three drops would suffice.

Verso continue to be one of the best hero products in my (messy) bathroom cabinet, and Sukin’s Rosehip Oil is going to me be my winter skin-booster. I’ve been using it on it’s own but sometimes mixing it with pure jojoba or almond oil, other times just adding a drop to my moisturiser to bolster my complexion when it feels dry or tired.

A big thank you to Laura who heard my plea for help and really came to my rescue over a big shoot!

Rebecca x

*A presentation is where, instead of walking up and down on a runway, you just stand around like a mannequin.

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