Jake Smith Returns to Modelling!

Exciting news! I received a comment below my article on Jake Smith saying that he’s returned to the modelling game and is being looked after by head honcho at Models 1 Men (and lovely lady) Donna Aitken!

Modelling’s a funny old lark. It’s a tough job to get into, and it’s just as hard to leave. I’ve seen many people quit for better paid jobs, to launch new careers, fall out of love with the job or fall in love with someone who doesn’t like modelling…But severing those ties is hard. The daily grind of commuting and office life can be hard to adjust to and the change of pay (regular salary, with no hope of a mega buyout) is a hard pill to swallow. There’s an element of unpredictabilility and excitement in modelling that people can miss, and many people start turning up at castings all of a sudden, returning to the ‘honey trap’ that modelling can be!

I wondered what had brought Jake back into the game after ten or so years, so I had a little catch up to find out.

R: Hey Jake! So what made you come back to modelling? 

J: There’s a lot of reasons. My ex has moved to New York, and modelling could be a way for us to be reunited. And I’ve realised that, in order to get by in London, working a range of jobs is another way to survive. I’ve quit the bar work because I was sick of the unsociable hours, I still love my job as a nanny and a running coach, but I thought it was worth a shot seeing if I could still model too.

R: So how did you get signed to Models 1? They’re huge!

J: I was thinking about returning so I emailed Donna at Models 1, as I always liked her and knew that I could trust her opinion. She emailed back straight away and sent me on a test. The pictures came back and she said she’d give it a go and sign me. I know she’s taking a chance on me, as I have hand tattoos and I’m obviously older than a lot of the guys on the main board.

R: Yeah but loads of guys have tattoos now! In fact clients want that look! Plus all your personal training and marathon running has given you the perfect, lean six-pack look that is so in demand! 


J: Hopefully I can make Donna proud. It is weird, being on castings – I feel older and different to the other guys.

R: It’s not like female modelling, you’re allowed to have frown lines and tattoos when you’re a guy. Does it feel different this time? When you were 19/20, you never seemed that into it all. 

J: It’s a lot different. I’m a lot wiser now and I wish I could go back in time and try out modelling with this knowledge. Just knowing how it all works, knowing how to handle myself.

R: How does it feel being in front of that camera?! 

J: I feel so much more confident. Things like…if you have to smile in a shot, actually laugh!

Jake Jnr

I think it comes across as more genuine and I suppose that because I’ve made the choice to return to modelling, I feel more sure of myself.

R: Some things haven’t changed. I’m still here! 

J: Haha it’s funny because you haven’t changed. When we were at Select I remember you coming back from sexy shoots on the beach but in real life you were so dorky, studying and heading to castings with your backpacks. You’ve grown into yourself now and you’re doing great with your news appearances and blogs, but you’re still that dork and I love it!

R: Yup, the backpacks haven’t changed! Well you’re still the same Jake, humble and self-effacing and in need of a bit of a confidence injection at times! I mean look at what you’ve done – ten years away from modelling and you’ve been snapped up by Europe’s leading model agency within minutes of your return! You are looking pretty hot and now you have more confidence I’m sure you’re gonna do great. 

J: You know you’re right. It might not work out, it might go really well – the way I see it, I’m a nanny looking for a chance to travel to exotic places and meet new people! It’s exciting.

R: There we go! Good luck Jake xxx

Rebecca x

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  1. Joy to see and hear Jake found his way.

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