It’s time for my Triyoga Barre Move of the Week!

Once again, It’s one of Emily Sprigg’s moves, and includes a rather fun kick to the side! A little less graceful than last week’s move, and what a killer. Those last 8 counts in which I hold my leg to the side leave me shaking! I like that it works my obliques as well as my legs.

I’m not looking my finest here, as it was the first day of my period (bloat) and the start of a stinking cold. But nevermind – let the Barre moves do the talking and please, come join us for the next one!

As you can see, I need to work on keeping my leg elevated when I do those circles. But I am just loving it all!

Check out Triyoga’s site for their prices and schedule.

Rebecca x

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  1. Rebecca wrote:

    Oooouuuccchhhhhh. But awesome.

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