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Hello reader,

So far my posts have been fairly witty (I’d like to think), informative and supportive. Well today I’m ANGRY. I just read this rather mean article:

Which desperately attempts to justify bullying behaviour towards Kendall Jenner by suggesting that other people work hard for their spot on the runway or a campaign, whereas Kendall has waltzed in after her mother, Kris, rang up Marc Jacobs himself to wheedle her daughter onto the catwalk. Who knows how much of this is grandly over-exaggerated for column inches, but I can easily imagine there’s more than an ounce of truth about the nastiness in there…

Well the first thing I have to say is…

Bullying behaviour is never, ever, EVER justifiable! It’s mean, nasty and cowardly.

meangirlsDidn’t we all learn from Mean Girls?

Even at my grand old age, I reckon people saying bitchy things about me and stubbing their fags out in my drink would make me cry and feel terrible for ages. Kendall might be loaded and the child of famous parents, but I bet it affects her, too. If I was backstage and saw this behaviour? I would…

1) Go over and chat to her (if her PA let me through) and let her know that not everyone was hating on her. I despise bullying.

2) Take a selfie with her and get a few thousand of her followers, because I have 376 followers and she probably has a zillion.

OK I know that’s being a bit irreverent but seriously – we should all be sticking together. I truly, strongly believe in the power of unity and, in such a female-dominated industry as modelling, sisterliness. What’s to be gained from stubbing your fags out in someone’s drink other than spreading your toxic hatred? It just reeks of sour grapes.

Marc Jacobs - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014Kendall and her nipples for Marc Jacobs

totally understand the frustration that lots of those models feel seeing Kendall succeed without having to do much of the dirty groundwork that everyone else does. Especially after the hundreds (literally) of castings + starving themselves + glut of rejection they’ve endured, all in aid of merely trying to get a catwalk show (paid for in clothes) that may lead to an advertising campaign. But there’s nothing to be gained in engaging in bitchy behaviour – not least of all because no one wants to work with a bitch (unless it’s Naomi)

naomicThe original Mean Girl – incomparably beautiful but famously a handful!

Is Jenner the first model to be famous because of a family member? No! In fact, most big models have boosted their fame after dating the right actor/rock star, or being born into the right family. That’s a whole other issue unto itself, but don’t single Kendall out as worthy of all this vitriol. Marc Jacobs has been known to play with our fascination with celebrity – remember when he used Posh Spice in his campaign a few years back?! Booking such celebs is probably touted as an post-modern take on celebrity culture…whilst broadening your reach and getting free advertising to their trazillion Instagram followers.

I wish VB would revisit this look…And pose…

posh marc
Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs

Those bitchy models who acted really mean just have to deal with the fact that we now live in a society that valorizes celebrity. Frankly, most of us are fueling that culture with the Daily Mail ‘Sidebar of Shame’ and guzzling up celebrity-endorsed products. Would Cara be so huge without the celeb mates and millions of followers on social media? I doubt it – she’s just canny to the industry and knows that for models, it’s all about turning yourself into a brand these days. Look through the adverts in magazines and it’s actresses selling watches/perfume/sodastreams, not models.

Actors are nicking all of our jobs too – not just Kendall!

Kendall is able to take advantage of that, yes. I’m not sure whether she’d be doing such high fashion work if she weren’t a name – that said she is undoubtedly a gorgeous girl who is apparently great to work with – professional, friendly and polite. Probably more engaging and easy to work with than the sort of mean ladies that stub their cigarettes in others’ drinks, and stand around bitching.

She’s not exactly ugly, people!

Basically: I think it’s a shame that models are losing out on the nice, big jobs to actors and celebrities. Not least because I am a model and I really, really feel the effects. But at the same time, that tells us that consumers these days want more than just pretty faces – they want to know the opinions and the personality behind the people wearing the clothes – and isn’t that a great thing? Don’t make Kendall a scapegoat for doing something that the canny, successful models have been doing for a while: making themselves into more than just a ‘look’ and sending a message with their personality.

kate-moss-for-zoo-magazine-fall-2013-2Kate Moss is no longer a model – she’s Kate Moss!
People love Cara for being Cara!

Modelling’s always a gamble – you might put in years of hard work for very little pay-off and success. Most of us enter into the profession knowing that. Of course it’s hard to see people succeed when it looks as though they haven’t worked hard to deserve their success – but that is never an excuse to be nasty and treat others with disrespect. Successful models get to the top not just by their looks but by being professional, charismatic and charming. They’re certain not going garner any notable success by spreading their vitriol and fag ash all over the place.

Rebecca x

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  1. Great piece I was just as annoyed and frustrated when I read this article, I know models are known for being bitchy and this article exacerbates that, but I really have to convince people that 90% of models are lovely normal girls, it’s abit like at school it’s always the few nasty ones that spoil it for everyone. I feel for Kendal because although I’m sure she has had an easy ride in some respects, I bet she has still had to prove herself and gain the respect of those in the industry that will book her. It is not the easiest job even at the top!

  2. On the other side I do remember once doing the Julian Macdonald show and he had booked Paris Hilton, and she really did not fit the look of the other models, but them she was not very friendly and her minders, who were huge men pushed me out the way when I was trying to get back to my rail to get changed. I was not a happy bunny, but more annoyed at the minders than Paris. As it’s not on Paris how her minders react to others. Anyway this is a rant of another sort and bullying of anyone no matter there place in society is just wrong!

  3. modeltypeface wrote:

    Totally agree on both sides! I’ve been at jobs and seen not very talented ‘non-models’ who are names waltz in, get the main DPS and be unpleasant to the rest of us ‘plebs’! I would get mad at minders pushing me out the way!

    Also agree with you that this ruins our reputation as models – we already have to fight lots of misconceptions that we’re horrible bitches, grown bitter through extreme and constant hunger!

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