Irregular Periods? Give This A Go…

A lot of models I know suffer with irregular periods. In fact, a lot of women I know suffer with them, and it can really affect your life, your relationship and your well-being. Especially when it comes to surprise you on a white bikini shoot…

Sometimes it’s down to lack of organisation, running out of your contraceptive pill because you haven’t been to your home town in a while. For others it’s going through phases of not eating properly for whatever reason. Others might find that travelling, flying and moving rapidly between different time zones plays havoc with their cycles. Lastly, like me, you might have given a few different contraceptives a go, only to find that they didn’t work for you and your cycles got messed up.

I read about Shatavari on The Ethical Hedonist‘s website. She said that she used Shatavari (in pill form, by Pukka Herbs) to regulate cycles and hormone fluctuations.


I must say I was as cynical as many of you will be reading this. However, I was just about to come off the pill because I was sick of how it made me feel. Last time I did this, I ended up having periods that lasted for 2.5 weeks at a time – not exactly ideal for a a shoot trip (or a relationship for that matter). I was willing to give them a go, out of desperation!

So I bought the Wholistic Shatavari by Pukka Herbs (15.95), coming off the exact same pill that had caused me heavy, irregular bleeding the year before. I took 2 a day, at the same time every evening.

Shocker: 4/5 day-long manageable periods. Every month. In fact, I now come on every full moon, which delights my hippie side!

A Little About Shatavari

Shatavari is made of what is referred to as ‘Indian asparagus’ (but don’t worry, your pee won’t smell weird). New mothers are encouraged to take it as it’s proven to help with lactation, but that’s obviously not why I’m taking it! It’s great for balancing hormones, as it’s rich with phytooestrogens.

Not wanting to rely on Google I’ve gone straight for the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and asked Katie Pande a bit of advice and clarification about Shatavari. Here’s what she says about what it does:

“Shatavari is a renowned tonic for the female reproductive system containing natural precursors, known as phytosterols, to female hormones that help to balance hormones, enhance fertility, promote conception and reduce menopausal symptoms.”

Every woman is different in regards to her cycle, and every cycle can vary too. Sometimes I am like the caricature of a PMSing woman, shoving chocolate in my mouth, worrying about spots and greasy hair and hot flushes and shouting at my boyfriend.

The next month I have barely any symptoms and it all takes me by surprise!

I’d say that my cycles vary still, but not so dramatically, and they are almost at the point of being reliable as clockwork where, for 3 or so years, they were ALL OVER the place. I only came off the pill about 4 months ago so that’s impressive (for my track record at least) and there’s no way I’ll be giving up my Shatavari.

But it’s not just for menstruating women. According to Kate, Shatavari can help both sexes at all ages:

“Although it has become famous for its benefits to women, shatavari also boosts men’s fertility and heals digestion when it is hot and irritated. It is also a powerful adaptogen that nourishes our adrenal glands, protecting them from stress and exhaustion.”

Just to note, you can also take Womankind by Pukka Herbs (£16.96 for 30 capsules), which along with my hero Shatavari contain:

“Green tea extract and broccoli seed sprouts balance oestrogen levels while red clover contains regulating phyto-oestrogens. Pomegranate and maca improve libido and reishi and motherwort provide protection and nourishment to the nervous system and immune system.”


Do give it a go. It’s probably different for everyone, and might not work for you: I was certainly skeptical, but I really saw the difference and now wouldn’t be without it.

Rebecca x

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