Introducing Jay McLaughlin’s Modeltypeface Takeover!

The first time I met Jay McLaughlin, I did a little bit of sick in my mouth.

It wasn’t his fault – I’d come down with a horrible sickness bug which was not perfect timing for a long day’s bridal shoot. Jay was very understanding, and sped through the shoot as quickly as he could (without sacrificing quality, of course) and even emailed my agency to tell them that I was a total pro. Lovely!

MCLAUGHLIN_131002_0851-EditNot bad for extreme nausea!

But I wasn’t convinced at the start of the day. For starters – that was a mighty small camera for a professional photographer. It turns out that his Olympus still takes brilliant shots, on par with other much bigger cameras. It’s not the size, it’s the quality!

And then there was the fact that he was so….Smiley. Photographers are always friendly, but they generally have a slight ‘aloof’ vibe. So much success in this job rests on being ‘cool’.

When we started shooting, therefore, I didn’t have high expectations for the pictures. I was really shocked when I saw the quality of Jay’s photographs – he has a way of capturing light and shade that is quite singular – as well as the way that he captures something unique from his model.

Jay consciously never takes a photograph from above a model – it is always on a level or from below – because he doesn’t like to seem in a position of power. It’s that kind of rare thoughtfulness that I appreciate, and which is why so many other models I know love working with him.

He’s the chap of choice when Katie Ball writes her food column for Harpers Bazaar…


Social media sensation Charlotte De Carle counts him as a great mate (as well as filling her portfolio with images like these…)


And a certain Yours Truly for Modeltypeface, of course!

jayjlewis Only Jay could get this shot!

So allow me on introduce ‘Modeltypeface’s Week of Jay’. We thought it’d be fun to do a series of posts for models (and everyone else) to learn about light, posing and modelling tips.

I headed round Jay’s house, with the idea of doing a couple of shots outside and inside to show how we should adapt our modelling to each. As Jay chatted about the technicalities and what he appreciates on a professional model, I said – why don’t we just make this your masterclass?

So we did! Over the week you’ll be seeing, through Jay’s quotes and photos and my interpretation a a model, a truly handy guide to using your light, your strengths and your character.

Great for new faces, of course – but even an old dog like me learned a few things I didn’t know at all! Jay really has a lot of stellar advice and thoughts on how to take your modelling to the next level, and I can’t wait to share it with you all over this week!!


Rebecca x

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