Introducing a new Modeltypeface Columnist: Dominyka Gajauskaite

I have a new columnist for Modeltypeface that I’d like you all to meet. You all know I love my green beauty, and I’m learning the science along the way – but I have a much more clued-up contributor now who can fill in the gaps.

Meet Dominyka, who I’ve done lots of shoots and shows and castings with over the years. She’s always been mega friendly, with an air of calmness that I’ve always admired. Like me, she’s been around for ages but continues to work – now branching in to making her own beauty products (which I’ve tried, and which are incredible).

Anyway that’s enough from me – over to you Dominyka!

My name is Dominyka, I am a Lithuanian model and a cosmetic science student living in Brooklyn, New York. It is truly funny that it was being here, in the big concrete jungle, that I started to understand the importance of a mindful and conscious approach to living.

After two decades working in the fashion and beauty industry I’d had enough of the toxic products used on me. I took it as my own responsibility to seek out a more natural direction to this problem and choose to share it with others through my social media channels (IG: dominykag and ‘brooklyn beauty inside out‘) and at public events like “Brooklyn Beauty Inside Out” which focused on the importance of natural skincare and brand perception to our lives.

I have completed the “Create Your Skincare” course by R. Portillo and I’ve been making anhydrous face serums, body balms and lip balms for my family and friends for the past year. While I am studying at the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and Formula Botanica, plus constantly researching ‘the green beauty platform’ I want to share my passion on MTF with ‘The Green Report’ – where I lay out all I know about better/healthier choices for the conscious modern women, without sacrificing our health.

Because Health is Beauty.

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