“I’m pretty sure I flashed a ball on the Clothes Show catwalk…” Osh Mackenzie Demonstrates that us Models are ONLY HUMAN!

As I said yesterday, us models experience moments of chronic embarrassment too. In fact I’d venture to say that it’s worse for us, as our shameful episodes generally caught on camera. One of Bookings Models’ most successful male models, Osh…

Osh1You’re welcome.

…Had a pretty ‘hairy’ moment on the Clothes Show catwalk a few weeks ago….Tell us what happened, Osh?

“So it was the Clothes Show section where I donned my wings and a tiny pair of pants.

OshwingsOsh’s tightie whities

I had to strut around the stage, surrounded by dancers. One of them had a habit of grabbing my balls during one bit – but she went a bit too enthusiastic and dislodged my pants. So yeah, a ball was definitely showing. I styled it out, turning to the side and yanking the pants back whilst trying to make out like it was a dance move. But it’s a pretty big catwalk to flash on.”

 OshcatwalkOsh on the enormous Clothes Show catwalk, balls safely tucked away.

CRINGE! Oh well, it could have been worse…

inbetweenersballsProbably my favourite ever Inbetweeners episode…

Osh is at Bookings Models. Here’s his Instagram and Twitter.

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