Hello everyone!

I’m back! Did you miss me? I missed you!

I had a wonderful holiday in Zakynthos, though it was a bit weird in some ways. Family can often be hard, and other people’s families even harder. Basically, my boyfriend Theo’s Dad is quite old, and not so healthy (kids, don’t smoke 80 fags a day…), so it was a bit more…ya know…well it wasn’t like a carefree and posey as my Instagram attests. It was hard for Theo to see his dad having poorly days, which of course makes me sad.

Theo very patiently took a gazillion pictures of me for Instagram as he knows it’s ‘work’. If you don’t follow me, check me out at @1rebeccapearson – I just wish I’d taken a few more coupley and touristy photos. How very sad to have come back with a lot of square pics of myself!

IMG_3327 IMG_3848 IMG_4264 IMG_4290instahellosunshine

I’ll be doing a little post for tomorrow of my best beauty recommendations for anyone else going to sunnier climes (so jealous!). In the meantime I just wanted to check in and give you all a sunny hello and send you all my best, rapidly fading-tan kisses and hugs.

Rebecca x

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