I’ve missed you!

I had an absolutely magical holiday with Theo, and much-needed too. Though I did a bit of social media-ing and one little article for The Guardian, I largely hid my phone away in a cupboard and didn’t go on it – it was a real refresh and I feel so pumped and full of ideas for Modeltypeface now. It was amazing not checking who’d unfollowed me on Instagram/getting in long Whatsapp conversations/scrolling Facebook absent-mindedly and I felt my creativity bubble over thanks to that!

So we kept it pretty chilled – a spot of gardening, beach days, swimming lots, yoga, reading, exploring…heaven, really, and it was tough to come back, though at least there are blue skies up ahead!


Like many people out there, I felt like my holiday gave me a real ‘re-set’ and some new resolutions to follow up on when I’m home. I’m feeling toned, healthy, rested and content, which is a stark contrast to when I left – out of shape, stressed, knackered and highly strung. So, with you as witness, I resolve to:

1) Eat simply

I just don’t think I need to eat loads of superfood powders, or spend money on energy bars when I’m peckish – maca and carob and dates and whatnot all still feel quite sugarey and bad for my system. I didn’t see any Baoab or Lucuma out in Greece and, though I love trying out different things, I think I’d fare better with seasonal veg cooked simply.

2) Get good quality olive oil

I could drink the olive oil in Greece. It just feels soooooooo good! And here I buy the cheap stuff in Sainsbury’s, which probably isn’t very good at all. My hair, my skin, my body all react so well to the fresh stuff in Greece (either eating or using topically) and I’d like to keep that up.

3) Exercise a bit every day

I’ve been doing amazing workouts for the Evening Standard but I’ve been doing a couple of big workouts a week. In Zakynthos, Theo and I woke up and alternated doing a few press ups/planks/squats or some Sun Salutations and yoga, and we’re both way more toned and feel stronger. I think a little bit every day actually has a better effect on me than big crazy workouts a few times a week.

imageShowing off our ‘Bikini Bodies’ 😉

That’s actually all! I think that, basically, I’ve just overcomplicated my diet and exercise a bit and, rather than wanting to add to it or drastically overhaul it, I just want to make everything less stressy, more fun and relaxed.

Let’s see if I can keep up it!

Rebecca xxx

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