I’m a Little Bit Quiet This Week

My apologies MTFers! I swore I’d never write a ‘sorry I’m quiet’ blog post cos they look lame but as we’re all basically friends these days I might as well explain in my favoured form, an alphabetised list:

a) I have a weird virus

Seriously weird. Theo had it first (f*cker) I basically have a throat so sore swallowing wakes me up and a tongue covered in ulcers! I’m talking like I have a retainer again! It’s so weird and disconcerting.

b) I have been out and about big time

I’ve been going to blogger events, press days, shoots, fittings and castings so it means I have lots to write about and review coming up.

c) Someone’s not too well in the family

Again won’t go into details, suffice to say it’s sort of something that takes up a lot of thinking and feeling time and sometimes I’m just not feeling focused and in the moment enough to write, which I think is totally fine. My website is a reflection of my life and that of my friends, so if one week I just let myself, you know, mellow out a bit, then I think that’s just being truthful.

And because you’re all a lovely bunch you will more than understand!

Rebecca xxx

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