I’m a Judge For The That Protein/Health Blogger Community Awards!

Exciting news! I’m a judge for the That Protein/Health Blogger Community Awards!

You may recognise That Protein from a review I wrote of their ridiculously tasty Choca Moca protein powder, which pretty much sends me to the moon and back (and I like it).

I met The Health Blogger Community girls a few months ago and they’re a lovely mixed bundle of beauty, health, food and fitness-loving bloggers who have come together to amass a grand community. I was very impressed at their spirit and their professionalism and just how far they’ve come in a few short years.

Confession time: the entries close at the end of June. And it launched on the 15th of May.

I ought really have posted earlier, but what with Gran dying and travelling all over for work I didn’t get the message out there. Sorry folks!

But really, it’ll take you two seconds to apply so go do it now! I know so many lovely PTs, bloggers, healthy food advocates and body positivity folk and I’d love to see those people amongst the candidates!

  1. Best Recipe Blog 
  2. Free-From / Illness Recovery Blog (sponsored by Freeist!)
  3. Yoga and Spirituality Blog
  4. Fitness Blog 
  5. Vegan Blog (sponsored by That Protein)
  6. EU Bloggers 
  7. Best New Blogger (sponsored by Mindful Bites)
  8. Science and Nutrition Blog (sponsored by Mount Olympus Foods)
  9. Best Health Instagram 
  10. Best Irish Blog(sponsored by Soulbia Foods)
  11. Best Natural Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
  12. Health Blogger of the Year (sponsored by Renew Life)

To enter, all you have to do is head to www.healthbloggerscommunity.com/healthblogawards/ and put yourself forward by the 30th June.

Go for it!

Rebecca x

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