How to Survive #LFW…Let’s Hear it from my Model Mates!

So yesterday we heard some stellar advice from Billy Bookings for surviving Fashion Week…But it’s only us models who have really lived through the awful ‘feet on the ground’ experience: the impossibly high amount of castings, the exhaustion, the rejection and need to smile in the face of the ridiculous whims of designers.

(It can be fun too, I promise)

With this in mind, I contacted all my model mates, many of whom have been featured on Modeltypeface, and asked them their best tips for survivng Fashion Week relatively unscathed…

Tamsin Carter


“I drink sh*t loads of boiling water as hot as I can take it, which helps to prevent bloating. I swap carbs quinoa because, as its a protein, it’ll give me more energy.

For powering me around castings, I make raw energy balls as they are a fab pick me up when I don’t have time to properly stop for lunch. I got the recipe here

Finally, to keep my skin fresh, I use my Clarisonic after all shows as the makeup can get quite heavy and really block pores.”

Tamsin is at Bookings Models and here’s her Instagram.

Lily Osborne


“My advice for fashion week would be to feel confident in yourself and take it as it comes. We all want to get shows after days of endlessly running around london, but so many designers want different looks each season and some times your not exactly what they want or perhaps you are.

I would say to expect knockbacks but use it to make you stronger , and believe in yourself, keep smiling and enjoy :-)”

Lily is at Bookings Models and her Instagram is here. Trust me, you want to go have a peak.

Louise Adkins (click on the pic for our interview)


“Never complain to the clients about how tired you are – they don’t care. If I knew I had to hurry away, I chatted in an upbeat way about how many casting I still had to do. I seemed relaxed, but inside I was wanting to wring their necks! God I do not miss Fashion Week!!!”

Louise is at Profile (though her Fashion Week days are clearly happily behind her!) and here’s her Instagram

Rudie McCree (click the pic for our interview)


“No late nights, prepare your casting outfits, be sure to stock up on snacks that you can eat on the move because you don’t always have time to stop, and plan your day ahead in order to fit in as many castings as possible.

Lastly, try to remember you are there for a reason and don’t let all the beautiful people intimidate you, which is easier said than done, I know. xx”

Rudie is at Bookings – here’s her Instagram but be warned, she’s currently in South Africa and you might feel very jealous of all that sunshine.

Jodie Tucker


“Prioritise. You can’t always make all of your castings, so make sure you get to your requests and try not to stress too much.”

Jodie is at Bookings, here’s her Instagram

Emily Vickers-Willis (click the pic for our interview)


“Bring different types of nude underwear, if you can get away with wearing seamless pants rather than a thong with your outfit you will have a lot more privacy with all the people and cameras backstage.”

Emily is at Bookings. Here’s her Instagram.

Aimée Nazroo 


“Have a good backpack to look after your back. Carry round baby wipes, as you will need to freshen up your face and body throughout the day. And chill out as much as you can, as you want to take good energy into your castings.”

Aimée is at Profile, here’s her Instagram.

Sarah Mac (Click below for her ‘Only Human’ anecdote!)


“I don’t do LFW these days, but my personal tip to myself when I did would have been to be born 2 inches taller with a less smiley face! I was told by head of one brand to look less like a  happy cheerleader ! Not sure how to do that : (” 

[I’m always told the same! But if I try and do ‘intense’, I look like a bulldog chewing a wasp…-R]

Sarah is at Bookings, here’s her Instagram

Charlotte Carter-Allen (click the pic for her incredible ‘Only Human’ anecdote…)

CharlCADespite (wrongfully, but amusingly) describing herself as “Too old, brown and big breasted,” to do shows, Charlotte says…

“My advice is…To look like everyone else, be REALLY skinny and walk like you have a stick up your ass.”

Thank-you, Charlotte.

Rebecca x

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