How to Self-Tape for a Commercial Casting…Part TRAZILLION….

So. We heard today.

We didn’t get it 🙁

Even though I know it’s all part of modelling, and I’ve been doing it for 14 years…It’s pretty crushing to not get a job you set your heart on.

Add onto that I wasted so much negative energy on worrying that Theo would get it and not me!

He’s pretty happy still – he’s sad to miss out on all that money (who wouldn’t be?!) but this was he won’t miss his best friend’s stag do. Whereas I shall be planning a fun weekend for myself as I’ll have no Theo and no Nivea job!

I also didn’t get confirmed for a 2k job that seemed SOOOOOO definite and in the bag. It’s all part of modelling, but in all honesty – it really doesn’t get any easier.


Rebecca x

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  1. Lyn wrote:

    Oh no, I’m SO sorry. It’s such a hard business, one of my daughters is waiting to hear about her ‘dream’ job, (acting not modeling). One has to be very strong to stand up to the competition. x

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      Dear Lyn,
      Thank-you for your message – Mum keeps me updated on your daughter’s progress too! It would be great to meet you some day!

      Best of luck to your daughter. Though it’s hard to perk yourself up, it’s great to remember that at least you’re considered for the job. It’s when it’s deathly quiet is the worst part! But the older I get, the more I wonder if I’ll ever get the big guns 🙁


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