How to Self-Tape for a Commercial Casting…PART II!

OK, so, don’t judge me on the following post.

Firstly, if you haven’t seen it, check out the previous post on ‘How to Self-Tape for a Commercial Casting‘, in which my lovely boyfriend, Theo, stood in as my ‘husband’ when I was up for a big job.


So, I was on holiday with said wonderful boyfriend – a holiday which he had surprised me with for my birthday. We travelled around Seville, Granada and Cordoba, all paid for by him. It was incredible.

As we sat eating tapas, I received an email. It read:

“You’re not going to believe this but the person they love the most from the tape is Rebecca Pearson’s boyfriend. Is he available?”

For a shoot in Sao Paolo.

40k Euros.

His first reaction? “Argh. That’s my best mate’s stag do. I suppose so.”

My reaction? Well, I think, if I’m totally honest, I called him a wanker. With a smile, you understand, and glee that he might get it. But I did also call him a wanker and give him a faintly aggressive shove.

Then I got an email saying that I was on option too, and it was pretty exciting!!! And it felt a bit more equal.

So we had to head back after enjoying the glorious sights of the Alcazar and take lots of videos and photos of him.

The next day, as we walked around the main Cathedral, I got a Whatsapp from my booker asking for Theo’s passport scan. And a few minutes later, mine. Wowza!!!

We got on with our holiday, with the buzz that we might (but probably not) get an incredible campaign together! We’d know over the Bank Holiday weekend, apparently.

We heard nothing.

So I phoned my booker today, and he told me that there was still no news. And that last time he heard, Theo is the number 1 choice. Not me. Another girl from my agency also sent her passport scan, and who knows how many other girls will be on option.

Can I be very honest with you? Especially as he won’t read this?


It’s not that I don’t wish him to get the job – the money, the experience and the achievement would be insane. It’s just that….ARGH! It feels a bit unfair that he might and I might NOT!

Nivea has always been my dream job, my main goal.

I have never got a huge money job like that.

And Theo might do my dream job, in Brazil, WITH ANOTHER GIRL PRETENDING TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!!!

I must point out that Theo only reluctantly stepped in to do that video cos I told him to. And that the job was for ME to be someone ELSE’S wife. He didn’t chase it or show off or try to get it or anything. But, ya know, I wish we were both strong contenders for it!

Anyway – I have vented. Whatever will be will be. If he gets it it will be insanely wonderful. It’ll just be a LOT better if I get it with him, too.

Thank you for letting me let off some steam!



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