You’re Hired…Again! Modeltypeface’s Guide to Getting a Regular Client

Like the wise old owl I am, I always say: the strength of a model lies, not in how many jobs she books, but in how many jobs she gets RE-BOOKED for.

I say it quite smugly because I have clients that have used me for going on ten years now. I know that I’m not the strongest model in the world: I don’t have the most unusual face or Gisele-like body…But I do know that my ability to get on with people gets me regular clients as well as some fantastic friends.

In a world of unsteady income and sporadic work, regular clients are like gold dust, giving you a bit of ‘bread-and-butter’ money. Plus it’s nice to have teams that you get to know.

Here are my top tips for getting re-booked.

1) Be 15 minutes early

whiterabbitThe White Rabbit gets a raw deal: I’m totally with him on time-keeping! Pic from Disney Clips 

Clients hate models being late – and it’s fair enough as they’re paying us for a certain amount of time. But there is another reason I want you all to be punctual: due to models being famous for their tardiness, I am now given call times that are one, even two hours earlier than needed! Maybe if we all make an effort to be on time, we can all have an extra hour in bed.

2) Be Clean

I was horrified to receive an email from my agency earlier this year telling us models to be punctual and to turn up to our jobs clean. Who do they think they are?! Of course I wash!

Well…Turns out, a make up artist was telling me how many dirty stop-out models she has to freshen up. She said that from the state of their nails and breath, they’d been partying loads and hadn’t washed for at least a day. She said that it happens a lot – bleurgh!

All we really have to do it turn up clean, relatively hairless and wearing nude underwear. I recommend Avéne for very simple, pure products that will give you calm and hydrated skin for a shoot, and you can read all about nude underwear here!

3) Make Everyone A Cup of Tea

I’m English. I don’t know about other countries, but this is basically the best and surest way to make a good impression on a group of people within 5 seconds. Karlie Kloss is famous for bringing her healthy cookies on shoots with her – you’ll definitely get bonus points for bringing sweet treats for the afternoon.

mugflagWin friends and influence people very simply: brew a brew. Mug from Crest of London.

4) Talk to Everyone

Not just the photographer and client, though these are, of course, very influential people in getting rebooked.  I love getting to know everyone on the shoot as much as possible without being over-eager or getting in people’s way. This way, when you leave, everyone will say “weren’t they nice?” reinforcing the good impression you made when you brewed the tea.

5) Hang stuff back on the hangers. 

You made the make up artist like you with your looked-after skin. Now it’s time to make the stylist like you. It’s tempting to throw clothes on the rail, inside out and willy nilly, seeing as you do have to get changed lightning quick. But hanging them back up is a nice gesture of respect to the stylist, and you don’t want to get on the wrong side of a stylist. They’ll put you in the crap outfits and give you a clidgie.

6) Be economical with your moaning

Models are famous for moaning, and models moaning really annoys people. You have to be economical with your moans, or you’ll be on their blacklist. Things not to moan about, based on my experiences with other girls:

– Waiting a long time ’til your shot. You’re sat around, getting paid!
– Being hungry. Eat something then.
– Being tired. We’re all tired.
– How you’re not getting paid enough. You’re probably getting paid more than most people in the room.

I’m not saying I don’t moan, I just save it up for when I really need to: a polite little ‘brrrr! Getting nippy isn’t it!’ when it’s very, very cold and people in their puffa jackets need to remember, for example. People will treat you more sympathetically and won’t remember you as a moaner.

7) Say goodbye to everyone, and thank them for a lovely shoot. 

Even tweet about it, like a polite thank-you note. It’s all about letting people know that you really enjoyed working with them, and making them feel nice. Follow my tips and I don’t doubt for a second that you’ll enjoy working with regular clients!

Rebecca x

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