How To Date a Model: My Very First Column!

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I didn’t really know this until I got my very first writing job…then lost it…then fought for it.

The Sabotage Times had run my old agency and asked for a model who could write a column for the online mag they had created called Topman Generation, which has sadly disappeared along with my column 🙁 .

I was to be their resident Cilla Black!

blinddate2It’s about time they brought back Blind Date!

I’d been sent along because I was the only appropriate candidate – one of the joys of being at small agencies!

I headed into the office and got the job that same day.

However, I also left that agency (they weren’t on the AMA and never paid on time) the same day. Unbeknownst to me, the person who set up the job rang Topman and said ‘Rebecca has parted ways with us so you won’t be able to use her, let’s try with someone else.’

So having gone in and had an exciting time getting a column on the spot, my emails remained unresponded to and it looked like I’d somehow lost the job.

I chased the guy who I’d met on Facebook, sending him numerous emails in various stages of desperation until he eventually told me what my ex-booker had done, and said that he himself had parted ways with the company. This was so frustrating! I’d lost the opportunity!

Then my ever canny boyfriend’s mother said ‘why don’t you just get in touch with Topman yourself?’


I mean it seems really obvious, but us models aren’t taught how to tenaciously chase work ourselves!

So the rest is history: my column turned out to be really popular, until Topman Generation disappeared (a real shame and a valuable lesson in how transient online writing can be). Here was my very first column, and one of my very first pieces of published writing. And I discovered that seeing my work read, shared and enjoyed was a thrill that remains as intense as ever. Even if I did get paid £25 a column. Enjoy!

Dating a Model

Hello, I’m Rebecca and Topman Generation have asked me to offer you, their stylish readers, a few tips on dating us models.

The world of dating is a rampant hunting ground and it’s important to be prepared, so to help you I’ve just been reading up on fishing. Many fascinating fishing facts aren’t just relevant to the keen anglers amongst you. Did you know that…

The most common mistake made is simply dropping a hook, net, trap etc. into a body of water without much thought of the fish and relying on luck or chance to catch our dinner.”

Men, boys, blokes, chaps…KNOW YOUR PREY! Today I’m going to help you understand us, by banishing some commonly held misconceptions that lead to boys approaching us with completely the wrong game.


Not even my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award could have prepared me for some of the orienteering challenges modeling has thrown at me. Taxi drivers have nothing on us – we pretty much have The Knowledge down for London, Tokyo, Milan, New York, Paris…Models are actually very ballsy, standing our ground in an adult industry from a young age, and many girls study on the side. Yet men often think we’re dumb, and patronize us. Big Fail.

Know Your Prey: You can actually engage us in a decent conversation, with proper long words and everything.


OK, 10% of my work is being told that I’m fabulous looking and being paid loads for it. What’s the other 90%, you ask? Hot tub adventures with other models? Sorry to disappoint– the other 90% is chasing work and being told you’re too fat/thin/old/young/pretty/Bride of Wildenstein/girl-next-door/exotic/fair/you get the picture.

Lots of men think that a novel approach to models is to insult our appearance and that the novelty of being verbally abused will make us fall at their feet. It doesn’t.

Know Your Prey: Compliment us, but make it a bit unique. I’d like it if a chap complimented my choice of early ‘00s Nokia phone, and perhaps got a nice game of competitive Snake going (I’d win).


I was talking about girl models when I was saying that models are, on the whole, bright, engaging and modest. Zoolander is accurate. We leave all the clichés – body obsession, stupidity – to the male models.

If standing next to a 6ft Adonis with an 8-pack and cheekbones you could cut glass on doesn’t make you feel insecure, you’re onto a winner. All you need to do is make us laugh and ask us a few questions about ourselves and you’ve got far better game than a pouting pillock – we see those guys every day at work, so you having an individual appearance could work in your favour.

Know Your Prey: A sense of humour, an IQ higher than that of a tomato and a bit of good style will give you the odds over dumbo male models.

So, gentlemen, I hope I’ve challenged some of those infuriating misconceptions about models. We aren’t unattainable, dim, pampered princesses at all. I’ll be giving you more specific examples and advice in the future but, for now, I hope I’ve given you a valuable foundation: understand your prey, prepare your bait with care…and hope we’re impressed with your tackle.

Rebecca x

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