How To Dance in Castings

This post was inspired by this textual conversation:

Jake: I think you should do a post on us male models when we have to queue up for an hour and then dance in the casting with no warning.

Me: I just had a casting where I had to stand, in my underwear, pretending to be a 5 year old playing with bubbles for a whole minute #nosympathy

But in truth I did feel Jake’s pain. I often realise how inured I am to the shame I’m often exposed to with modelling, but for those who are shyer or new to it it can be a bit harrowing. And to be fair, us ladies just need to sway on the spot and smile a bit, it is deffo harder for guys who don’t have confidence in their dancing ability to just randomly pop out some moves under pressure!

So here are a few key things to remember when you have to dance on the spot in castings…

1) It’s not about your dance moves…

Well, probably not anyway. If the client wants Bieber-esque body pops, they’ll bring in dancers. It’s honestly just to see if you can be calm and fun and spontaneous, as the worst model is a stiff model. They bring no energy and originality, so it would be better to do the Funky Chicken than stand still!

2) Don’t take it seriously

When I was 16/17 I danced like I would in the club – and when I were a lass, it was all Lady Marmalade…

I’d be there, poutily slut dropping to the floor and humping the air like the teenager who went clubbing in Croyden I was.

Now I do more of a smiley, arm wavey, safer sort of dance, with maybe a skirt swoosh and a look over my shoulder. If you go in with a dress or skirt you can play with it a bit to disguise any dad moves!

3) If you give it a go, you’ve won

The WORST thing you can do is to walk out of there. ALWAYS give it a go, even if you have no confidence – it’s a few minutes of your life.

4) Try a dance class

I’ve been attending At Your Beat and Seen On Screen dance classes. They have ones aimed at beginners and you do start to develop a bit more co ordination and sense of rhythm, and you get less scared of cracking out the moves! They are SERIOUSLY fun and actually rather empowering, don’t be shy no one’s looking at you…Just the instructor or their own reflection!

reddresschazzaSince attending At Your Beat, I’ve earned the nickname Kateny Spears – Kate Bush mixed with Britney! Love it.

5) If in doubt, channel Anthony Pearson

My pops taught me to dance, because I used to freeze during musical statues – and I’m talking the part where you’re meant to dance.

So here we go: Sidestep to the left. Sidestep to the right. Add your arms if you’re feeling fruity.

And you’re there!

You’re welcome x

Rebecca x

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