How to Book A Holiday When You’re a Model…

1) Don’t ever, ever book a holiday.

2) Book a holiday, then stay home because you booked a really amazing job that you simply can’t get excited about because you should be on holiday.

3) Go on holiday, but wonder whether, if you’d have stayed, you’d have got that job.

4) Go on holiday, all the while feeling guilty for squandering your money on cocktails and flights and flip flops because you could have been earning money.

5) Tell your booker you have booked a holiday, but in actual fact you haven’t – then watch the jobs roll in.

6) Go on holiday, and enjoy yourself. Take a lot of pictures of yourself in a bikini for Instagram/future #tb Instagram posts.

7) Have an understanding partner who doesn’t mind travelling alone.



  1. Georgina wrote:

    HAHAHA. number 5 though!
    This is all spot on. It just doesn’t make sense. I’ve missed out on concerts, weddings, birthdays, holidays. All because I booked out. How do clients know??

  2. Millicent wrote:

    This is really so true.
    My case is usually that I go on holiday, then find I am on hold for a BIG job somewhere else in the world.
    So I check my emails on the hour every hour for like three days straight and miss out on doing fun things…Then to find out last minute that they booked someone else. Ughhhh! Modelling is great, but it can be a real tough gig!

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      So true! Where I often go there’s no phone so I have no choice. And it’s AMAZING!! You need some time off being on call 24/7, sometimes x

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