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It was my first one this year – the last was on anxiety – and I was quite excited that the topic was ‘how do we define beauty’ following on from the fact that Julia Roberts has been voted the world’s most beautiful woman by People Magazine for the fifth time!

I am a fan of Julia’s face and always have been. But I was a little surprised by the choice, after the #OscarsSoWhite debacle last year, that Julia be voted for the FIFTH TIME. I wanted to talk about diversity in beauty across ages, borders, ethnicities, gender and more and I was all geared up but then…

You can’t always control when the conversation is going, and while I’m still happy with it I do wish I’d said a bit more! Maybe I should have interrupted Judy back a few times 😉

Anyway she was a very lovely, generous and calming presence before the show and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Here are some thoughts of what was going on in my mind:

“What shall I do with my hands? Shall I let them dangle at my sides?

No, that looks a bit weird. Shall I hold them in front of my chest like Kermit the Frog?

Hmmm no. Shall I hold them behind my back?

Wow, Judy’s speaking for a long time, I’d quite like to say something soon. What shall I do with my face while she’s talking?

*Stares at giant pictures of Julia Roberts for a long time*

I think with my hands behind my back I look like an invigilator, or an umpire at a cricket match. Maybe I’ll hold them in front of my hips.

Hmmm. Do I look like a footballer at a penalty shoot out? I can’t really move them back now, I’ve already moved them twice in about a minute.

I think I’d like to speak soon. I might make my face look like it’s about to speak so I get a turn.

Mate can I say something now

Maybe not. Will just style that mouth open out.

Shall I move my feet? I think I shouldn’t.

Julia Roberts has a BIIIIG mouth.

Am I doing well? I think I’m doing quite well. Oh s**t she asked me a question while I was thinking how well I’m doing. What did she ask?

I did a good answer there. I’m going to reward myself by allowing my hands to go back behind my back.


Can I say At Your Beat? Am I allowed to name drop? I’m gonna do it! I’m not gonna do it! I lost my chance! Oh shoot.”

Rebecca x

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  1. Nadira wrote:

    Finally saw your chat on Sky.

    You made some really good points. Love the fact you mentioned Julia Roberts achievements and how she oozes that.
    Loved your make up btw.

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