Heatwave Beauty: Prevent Sun Damage whilst Avoiding Looking Like a Sweaty Mess

Don’t get me wrong: i love summer! The flippy dresses, the vitamin D, Pimms, burnt sausages.

But castings in this heat are far from ideal, and now I’m the wrong side of 19 (hehe) all the stuff they say about sun damage…It’s true! I can really see the effects now, I’m afraid, after years of thinking that I was getting away with it. I was wary in the sun, despite the fact that I go such a great Mowgli shade after a few days of tanning, because of the fear of looking like a wrinkled old prune by my mid-20s.

But then…My skin was pretty good, and everyone said I looked younger than I was, and my then-boyfriend and his Mum never wore sunblock and went waaaaaay browner than me and I suppose I just lost my focus a bit and went for the tanning a bit more.

But I can see the effects now. Even though I generally wear SPF throughout the year, I can definitely see more melasma (dark spots on the skin) and moles and freckles than I used to have, and more appear each month it feels.

The quality of my skin is still good and well-hydrated but I do wish I had re-applied a bit more and shoved the odd wide-brimmed hat into my hand luggage.

So here are a few bits that I’ve been wearing for castings in the heat to both prevent further sun damage, remain matte(ish) and even.

La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Sun Cream Fluid SPF 50+ 

This is all I’ve used for years and it doesn’t mess around. It’s gloriously light, doesn’t block pores (I find many sun screens give me a slight bumpy rash) and it’s not at all greasy. You also get UVA as well as UVB protection.

If you have oily skin then just a light serum and this will do: it’s super lightweight, but if like me you can get more dehydrated days, then adding some light moisturiser between the two stages is great.

Just remember that you can’t apply a tiny bit in the morning and assume you’re sorted for the rest of the day. You need to apply a fair amount and top up throughout the day.

Do check out their huge Anthelios range: there’s a tinted version so you can skip foundation, as well as a mattifying option.

Currently on sale at Boots, £12.37 from £16.50

Pixi Sun Mist

This is a broad spectrum SPF 30 that you can spritz yourself with during the day. There are chamomile and bamboo extracts to help soothe skin.

I still apply my Roche Posay in the morning, but if I’ve got a bit of make up over the top of it then I like to bring this around in my bag both to freshen up a bit and top up the SPF.

It’s lovely and transparent and doesn’t feel claggy or heavy, however I do prefer the reassurance of a cream SPF 50 underneath.

£18 from Pixi Beauty

Palladio Rice Paper Oil

I am never without blotting paper in a pocket of a jacket/bag/jeans. So much better than layering up your face with powder in this heat – not to mention getting your sponge applicator soaked with nose sweat (ew).

Just place these on the shiny patch, let the powder soak up the shine, then apply the other side to other offending areas.

Also, for nights out these have doubled up as miniature loo roll pieces when there’s none left and you need a pee. Your friends will love you!

£4.50 from Beauty Bay

Sun Block Sticks

If you have scars, freckles or spots that you don’t want to morph into sun spots, or you have age spots or melasma that you’re wary about spreading further, then it’s a great idea to have a sunblock stick in your bag to apply to certain areas.

For example I’ve noticed more pigmentation around my mouth because that’s where the direct sun will often hit it, as well as the fact that eating, drinking and sweating dislodges sun protection.

I’m a big fan of Roche Posay but you can pick up these sticks for cheaper in Boots, or get more green versions such as this Honest one.

Also good to occasionally apply around the more delicate, thinner eye area and across the bridge of the nose, which for me is freckle central – I love them, but don’t want them all joining up!  

£7.37 from Escentual

Finally – don’t forget the hands! 

The hands are the first area to get uneven skin tone and fine lines. The skin on mine is way thinner than it used to be, which I am reminded of every time my friend’s baby pulls a handful of it! I do think there’s a fine line between being aware of these things and being constantly paranoid – we’re all getting older – but a bit of hand cream with sun protection can’t hurt. Though I’ve flirted with many others, I’ve used Neutrogena’s Norweigian Formula for years because it has the SPF25 and it hydrates them thoroughly, though I’m always on the lookout for a greener option this is still just my favourite for covering all bases and not breaking the bank.

£4.19 from Superdrug

Rebecca x

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