My Fave Fruit Smoothie of the Summer!

Well…The sun is shining (at least today it is, anyway) and I thought I’d share another recipe!


This smoothie uses my Naturya Fruit Blend, which I’ve previously reviewed. It really adds a tasty kick to a smoothie: sweet but not cloying. And the hemp protein in there means that it’s great for after a workout, as protein helps towards developing the lean muscles that clients now expect of us.

Some people think we should avoid fruit because of the sugar content but seriously, it’s all about balance. The sun has come out and a lot of this produce is now local and seasonal, and undeniably tasty.

If you want to make this vegan, simply omit the Greek yogurt.

Handful blueberries
1 apricot
Handful quinoa flakes
1 dessert spoon Greek yogurt or keffir.
1/2 cup Koko Milk
1 dessert spoon Naturya Fruit Blend.

Whizz it up with some ice and enjoy!

Rebecca x

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