Happy Women’s Day to all you wonderful women, celebrators of women, supporters of women, raiser uppers of women, respecters of women and, frankly, treat-women-no-differently-to-anyone-elsers out there.

To anyone querying why the world needs an International Women’s Day, well: important women have been erased by a male-written history (check out how many women are on banknotes compared to men (other than the queen who happened to have no eligible brothers for the throne). It’s not as though there weren’t always female genre-defining, game changing authors, scientists, political thinkers and philosophers. It’s just that men dismissed them for their sex, wrote them out of history…Imagine how many more women could have been great, had they been allowed an education like their brothers…Today we celebrate THEM.


We live in a world where a female baby can be murdered by her own parents because she is a girl.

We live in a world where we lose a great chunk of a valuable female workforce because inflexible 8am-9pm workdays don’t fit in with motherhood (or fatherhood).

Where a young girl can be shot in the head by a grown man for wanting an education.

Where you can be BLOWN UP for wanting control over your body i.e. aborting a feotus. Nevermind you could be pregnant because of abuse – that cluster of cells is FAR more important than your entire female being!

Where one woman is killed by a man every two days, mostly by someone she knew (UK).

Where female babies, girls, even adults can have most of their vagina cut away and mutliated to prevent her having sexual feelings and ‘preserve the honour’ of the family with FGM.

Today, we celebrate the women of the world because…

An educated mother raises educated children, boys and girls.

A husband and wife in work contributes two pay packets to a household.

That’s not to say those who plump for motherhood as a full time career aren’t invaluable to us. It’s just important that women have the CHOICE!

A couple who share domestic roles (especially when they’re both in work) sets an example of an equal respectful relationship to their offspring.

A woman who has Women’s Centres to flee to with her children might mean one less murder every day (so stop closing them down, David Cameron…)

A women who has ownership over her body can have sex when she wants, say no to sex when she wants, and as many or as few children as she wants, too.

There are SO many more reasons I could list, but for now, let’s thank our Mums, sisters, friends, teachers, the women who raise us up or just quietly chug along, making life go smoothly for us all in a way that our ancestors, within living memory, rarely could.

And finally, to all the women who, thanks to ongoing, long fights and marches and battles for equality, WILL have a voice, a role in society or simply more choice –




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  1. Anthony wrote:

    Take some crumbs of comfort from the accelerating progress made over the past 6 decades. Even in the ‘swinging’ 1960’s, many firms here in the U.K. still required women to leave work when they married! The world needs the full talents of both men and women and the petty, religious and cultural barriers to this should continue to be fought against.

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