Tips For Growing Your Social Media

Hello all! So I have written in the past about how to grow your social media, asking big stars like Charlotte De Carle as well as sharing my own experience. I’m not writing this as someone with an ENORMOUS following, but as someone who always quizzes those with big numbers about their secrets.

Sadly it’s getting more and more important to have a big following. You could have the bone structure of a wonky celeriac, but if you’ve got 100k more followers you’re more likely to land that job (and more money for a sponsored post).

CeleriacA wonky celeriac (Image/Instagram)

Furthermore, I find a lot of the advice I hear from agencies outdated and misinformed. It’s all very well them telling us ‘you really need to grow your following’, but most of them are clueless as to how we should actually do so! Most info is ‘post every day at 1pm or 5pm’ and ‘don’t put up pictures with your boyfriend’ – but actually times have moved on and there’s more useful, more specific tips out there that will really help. So, here’s some insider advice I’ve gleaned of late…

Let People In On Your Life

I studiously avoided putting any couple pictures up, as I thought I would immediately lose followers. Wrong! You’re not exclusively followed by men who fancy you. There are women, and kids, and guys who happen to like your vibe, not your boobs.

The more you express a life that is true to you, the more your followers will grow organically and in a way that suits you too.

I do put sometimes coupley pics up now and I don’t find I lose followers. People don’t always want to see an ultra-curated feed of selfies, bikinis and inspirational quotes – they quite like the odd goofy/real life shot.


Make sure, however, that you strike the right balance. You don’t want to constantly plunder your life and relationship; keep some distance too.

Plan 2 Steps Ahead

One blogger told me ‘Your Instagram should be like a chess game; always be thinking two moves ahead.’ Sometimes I simply cannot be bothered as I have far too much on, but when you’re in the right life space this is absolutely great.

It’s more about having a bank of photos to use, rather than a constant stream of now-ness. So I will go through a bit of a blue phase, then pink, then green. It makes your feed look way artsier and easy on the eye. Basically, try to have a running theme going, rather than a random smattering of pictures.

IMG_9039I feel like this was a good phase…

Lastly, work out which days are best for YOU. Wednesday afternoons, Sunday evenings and Thursdays & Fridays seem to be when people are most engaged.

Don’t Make it ALL About You!

I went through this patch of putting up really great shots and modelling pics, but I wasn’t getting any new follows!

That’s cos when you looked at my profile, though they were individually great shots that got a lot of likes, it was MEMEMEMEMEME!

IMG_9038 My ‘MEMEME’ phase’…

It’s better to go…Modelling shot, group of friends shot, funny quote, modelling shot, landscape, animal, selfie, peony, modelling pic, flat white….You get the idea! It breaks it all up.

Delete as you go

You might love a pic, but if it clashes on your feed, just delete. People decide to follow you by the time they’ve seen your first 9 shots, so make sure it looks like the perfect ad for your Instagram brand.

Yes, this all sounds wan*y, but it’s important to get a following to get jobs!

Get Some Space

Sadly, I don’t mean space from your Instagram, as you really do have to post at least once a day at 8:30 am, 1pm or 5pm :-(.

I mean make more space on your feed. Download an app like Whitetagram and get some pleasant white borders around your pictures. It’s great for fitting in wide landscape shots too – just makes it all look a bit less intense.

Get Testing

I really notice that pictures taken on a great camera by a skilled person get SOOOO many more likes than those taken with a smartphone. Millenials are a fussy bunch!

I’ve taken to doing little photoshoots with Theo, which makes Modeltypeface look more pro anyway. I also recommend you get testing, because you’ll get BTS shots as well as lovely pics for your feed, even if they don’t end up in your book.

Follow & Unfollowing

Get an app like ‘Followers’ and see who has unfollowed you. You can unfollow them in return and be free of their crappy feeds!

Also, follow and unfollow the huge stars like Kylie Jenner once a day. For a brief moment, you’re their ‘latest’ follower and you get some followers (however these do include a lot of spam accounters and people who immediately unfollow. Therefore this approach is better when you have just started Insta and you want a quick boost).

Like Your Own Picture

Yup. This is really embarrassing. But apparently liking your own picture helps with the new algorithm. Who knows? I’ve been doing it and I have got quite a lot of new follows *hangs head in shame*.

Get Repost App

Get Repost App, and buy their £3.99 package that means you don’t have a little ‘repost’ watermark. This also means that the hashtags are copied, so you get more of that user’s traffic. It’s made a really big difference – plus the pictures are a better quality, as you’re not screenshotting and cropping.

Get Snapchatting


Apparently Facebook and Twitter are ‘dying’ and Instagram is in decline. It’s all about Snapchat now – it’s quicker, sillier and people feel even more involved in your lives.

You need to do as I say, not as I do here. Essentially the more fun I’m having, the less I Snapchat, because I’m in the moment. Wrong! I should be Snapchatting merrily, all the time. My username: Modeltypeface.

I hope this helps with some actual real, graspable advice for growing your feed. Try to make your pictures attention grabbing in the right way – bright colours and fun moments captured – and do it regularly and I’m sure you’ll have no problem growing your following organically.

Rebecca x

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